Digital Rapport®

Digital Rapport® by  Jatinder Palaha is a concept that represents the synchronicity and harmony between customers and clients, both online and offline using digital media to build and nurture relationships in business and personal life using relationship marketing methods. Hence Helping personal brands, coaches, speakers, experts, Internet marketers/information marketers, authors, etc grow their business grow online.

Technology plays a massive part in how we interact in business and socially to create communication and efficiency in what we do. The way in which the world connects and shares is massively changing and with technology the rate of advancement can be overwhelming. Consumer behaviours are born out of new technologies and platforms and with the emergence of social media combined with technology, influence the way we interact online and in social situations. It’s an ever developing area of human computer interaction allowing us to use technology to become more efficient in the way we run our lives and businesses.

With Digital rapport®, Jatinder shares his knowledge and aims to strengthen the relationship between digital/social and business communication to ensure you and your business are update in the digital age and not be left behind. Digital Rapport deals with  all aspects of planning from brand development to communications across the full mix of digital media (and offline methods), targeting the audience in the most effective ways using personal development, social media and digital age relationship marketing methodologies,  so to help you adapt the model of your business (or life) to resonate with your target market hence creating digital rapport®.

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