Who is Jatinder Palaha?

Jatinder Palaha is a distinguished Digital Marketing Business Coach, Award-Winning IT Consultant, Author, and Web Revenue Strategist. Since 2008, he has been successfully working 1:1 with coaches, consultants, authors, and experts. 

Individuals seek out Jatinder's strategic advice and straightforward, step-by-step guidance to transform their skills and knowledge into a streamlined and automated coaching/author, consulting, or online business. His approach helps clients avoid technical overwhelm, online noise, and distractions, ensuring a clear path to success.

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Hi, I'm Jatinder Palaha, an award-winning IT consultant, digital business coach, and web strategist. More information about me on this page...

Who I Help?

I help Subject Matter Experts such as Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Influencers, Speakers, Authors, Facilitators, Teachers and Trainers, Course Creators. And those who want to build an online business.

I mostly work with founders who are experts at their craft or have had that transformation within them self and now want to serve more people to achieve greatness with their method, process or signature system. They have the experience, knowledge and know how which can be used to help others. 

They may or may not already have a transformational program so I help them extract that gift and package their services to grow online. In most cases these experts have their own unique methods and processes in helping others and I help them unlock their potential online.

These individuals may be new to business/online or already have a an existing practice/business but need to get clarity, bring it all together, automate and systemise their business and workflow online and or fill in the missing gaps so they can scale online. I have experience working with new, existing and growing businesses. 

What do I do?

I Help You Package Your Skills and Knowledge and Transform It Into a Structured and Automated Author, Coaching, Consulting or Expert Business Without Tech Overwhelm, Noise or Distractions Online Using My Digital SIMAC Method™. With over 15 years of experience in digital business and personal development I can help you:

Founder of the Digital Rapport® podcast. Where you Discover How to Connect, Influence & Inspire Online So You Can Build Rapport, Create Better Relationships & Serve Your Audience Without Feeling Salesy.

My Story

I've been in digital business since 2004 ever since graduating from university. After uni I worked with one of the worlds leading Tea Companies, then went on to work with a fortune 500 IT company for several years before starting up on my business.  I co-founded BigFanta.com a web design agency in 2005. BigFanta now provides virtual web service for Solopreneurs and small team businesses and experts. 

I'm also the founder of the The Digital Rapport® Podcast. The podcast together with this site seeks to explore and bring you expert insights in web psychology, emotional intelligence, personal development, human behaviour, spirituality and digital business and then share those learnings with you so you can build rapport, create better relationships, connect, influence and inspire  in the digital age both on and offline. Check out the expert interviews here.

And now can serve the industry with an all-in-one CRM system so you dont have to use multiple and complicated systems instead you can just use the Sales Master Hub and have a one stop service which can help you start or scale online.

You can read more here about how I become a digital business strategist.

My Philosophy

Even if you are just getting started or you already have a business that isn't hitting your revenue goals then you will benefit from one to one support that I provide to my long term clients.

In life and business it's best to conserve both energy and time which are the two crucial components in creating an efficient flow. Aim to become economical in the way you run your business and work flow and realise that the simplest things work best.

When you create efficiency with a direct approach you create simplicity in your business.

  • Be Efficient - Cut through the digital noise with discipline 
  • Direct Path - Quickest path from point A to Point B with focus
  • Keep It Simple - Without ornamentation

First the Mind then the Method

The Mind: The real results start with a disciplined mind.

  1. A Plan (A clear direction, quickest and most efficient path from point A to point B)
  2. The Decision to do what it takes (to become the person you need to be in order to get the results)
  3. Commitment (Being dedicated to a cause and activities.)
  4. Self Discipline (Monitor and control your own feelings, emotions, thoughts and mood)
  5. Focus (Keep your eye on the ball)
  6. Consistency (apply what you learn, show up and implement hence update your behaviour, habits and routine)

These 6 keys open the door to online success. Without applying them, achieving success is next to impossible. Take action today for rewarding results. Your success is in your own hands ONLY when you take action and make things happen, so why not get the support and accountability to go with it?

My Method: The Digital SIMAC Method™

The Human side is all about connection, influence and inspiration. The digital side is about Strategy, implementation and marketing. A holistic approach combing human and machine. 

1 - Connect | Strategy

Resonate with your target audience with your message which aligns with their needs.

2 - Influence | Implementation

Create and share content which adds value and provide useful information no matter where they are on the buying journey.

3 - Inspire | Marketing

Be helpful, care about their success, help and support them to also succeed, inspire them into action

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How To Contact Me

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