Jatinder has worked within the Internet industry for over 15 years, focusing on digital strategy , implementation and marketing and more recently, with the growth of social media, online reputation management. Jatinder’s career spans IT, Internet marketing and website production experience within major organisations including  The Tetley Group and Sun Microsystems, a fortune 500 company.

Helping create subject matter experts and taking small to medium sized businesses online, is one of Jatinder’s real passions, as is helping them to grow and maintain a top notch online reputation amongst their customers and consumers.

In his early days, Jatinder started out building websites for fun. When he eventually received his first fee for a project created for a close friend, the entrepreneurial spark kicked in. This led to a number of further design projects and then the referrals flooded in, leading to the foundation of Jatinder’s digital strategy business.

Jatinder has been an digital entrepreneur since 2005 and has helped hundreds of business take their offline business online producing measurable results whilst building a reputation of trust, integrity and loyalty at the same time infusing these attributes into the mindset of his clients so they develop a reputable brand online. One niche he enjoys is the personal development industry.

Jatinder is a certified master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and holds a degree in information systems (BSc from Brunel University). He is also a co-author of ‘Multiple Streams of Inspiration’ volumes 2 & 3 and The Art & Science of Success vol 6 and Inspiration Bible. With this background in personal development technique and technology, Jatinder is able to provide clients with strategic internet solutions in plain, commercially focused speak – not highly complex technological jargon.


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  • Strategic digital planning
  • Brand creation
  • Web production (Design and Implementation)
  • Online business process – Sales funnels, squeez pages
  • Offline business process identification so a business can be taken online with process’s that complement the every day running of the business.
  • Information Architecture, wireframes, user journeys
  • Creation of online business processes
  • Business Process flows
  • Design and construction of web systems
  • Digital strategy for online marketing
  • Digital insight and strategic thinking/planning
  • Information product creation
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  • Online marketing
  • Online and offline rapport with clients and prospects – Relationship Marketing/Building
  • Reputation Management
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Video marketing
  • CRM and E-commerce
  • Mobile App development
  • Event assitance
  • Joint Venture/Affiliate Marketing/Strategic Partnerships
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation and lead generation systems and setups (Infusionsoft, 1shoppingcart, netprosoft, awebber, interspire)
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IT Consultant of the year 2013 – APCTC Awards – The Association of Professional Coaches Trainers and Consultants (APCTC) is the fastest growing organization of its type in the world with over 8,000 active members worldwide. The APCTC Annual Awards dinner is a special black tie event where people from our industry come togther to celebrate and recognise the achievements of people in our industry where coaches, trainers, speakers and consultants have been nominated across 16 different categories.

Yes Group Leadership Award 2015 – Yes Group – The YES Group is the UK’s leading Personal Development Community. Active for over 21 years, meeting on the last Wednesday of the month to bring you inspiring speakers who share their wisdom and content.

SACA Charity bike ride 2016 – Birmingham to London Bike Ride – SACA, a 100% volunteer charity organisation is the main organiser of the event, raising money for children’s charitys.


Co-Author – Inspiration Bible – The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwide is a powerful book devoted to uplifting humanity, one day at a time, from teenagers who are struggling to find themselves to adults with challenges to the elderly who are giving up on life. The Inspiration Bible is a much-needed beacon of love and wisdom to bring people through their darkest moments and raise them up to live the life they dream of.

Co-Author –  Multiple Streams of inspiration vol 2 and 3 –  Discover the ingredients needed for More Success, More Results & More Inspiration! Finally a book with real people, real stories & real results.There are times in our lives when forces collide to produce life changing events. This book is hot of the shelves and it one of them. Twenty-two co-authors from all around the globe have come together to bring you insight and wisdom that will Inspire you to new levels of success in every area of your life.

Co-Author  – The Art and Science of Success, Proven Strategies From Today’s Leading Experts! This is NOT your average “personal development” book. This is a collection of the most POWERFUL success secrets, techniques and strategies that are guaranteed to provide you with exactly what you need to make your life the most it can possibly be. Myself, along with over 30 of today’s leading experts have each written ONE powerful, no-fluff, No B.S. chapter each with our BEST content.

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Testimonials – See what the Authors, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Experts are saying.

"I have known Jatinder for over 20 years, even before he started his Digital Agency. He is a genius at what he does and a great person to know. He manages to blend personal development with business development so well; this is very rare in business. It is a pleasure to know Jatinder & to work with him. His advice is always up to date, timely and seamless.

Mac Attram - #1 International Best Selling Author (Face It & Fix It) | Mind Space Associates

""After working with many web developers charging sky high prices without brining any real knowledge, strategies as well as results, I was introduced to Jatinder back in 2010, I found him first of all to be very honest and upfront, he would guide me through the processes so I clearly understand in plain and simple English (not the web talk) Jatinder has always showed integrity and honest, saving my unnecessary costs. Jatinder delivers more than just value for money, he is expert in his industry.""

Mindy Paul - Coach | www.mindypaul.com

"I got in touch with Jatinder in 2014 as I was planning a whole brand revamp for my life coaching practice. And I was very impressed by his knowledge, creativity and professionalism. His team at BigFanta helped me design my new website, build it and then launch it on time. Part of the revamp was to add a video blog to the website and Jatinder really helped me understand how to manage the whole process. I loved the ease with which their system allowed me to communicate with them and provide all content. And the team were always ready to support and answer any questions I had. The aftercare I have been getting since the launch last December has been great too. I feel totally comfortable reaching out to Jatinder when I get stuck with the backend stuff. Thank you so much."

Preet Kalsi - Coach | http://www.preetkalsi.com

"I have worked with Jatinder now for almost 2 years. He is a fantastic guy and he certainly knows his stuff. He has worked on my website, creating products and events. He has bought me into the 21st Century.

Jatinder is always on the end of a phone or an email and the turnaround time of getting things done by him and his team is second to none. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I would recommend him 100%."

Derek Mills - Author of The 10-Second Philosophy | http://www.derekmills.com

"Every now and then one meets someone in a field of business that they're not savvy themselves, who they instantly trust. Jatinder is one of those very people!

Not being particularly IT knowledgable myself, but yet knowing my business's depend upon a strong Online presence, within 15 minutes of meeting Jatinder I knew he was dependable, trustworthy, smart and forwards thinking.

Jatinder has been managing much of my digital marketing and websites since we met mid 2011. I would recommend him to everyone I knew, but I'm scared that would leave him too stretched. So please don't ask Jatinder for help, because I want him all to myself."

Ian Young Author of "It's Not About Me! | Sober Services

"Jatinder completes me. He had me at hello bruv. No but seriously, despite their odd name, Big Fanta, WTF, I've worked with Jatinder and he's a brilliant bloke. Their work is on time and on budget and he has lots of ideas. I'm aware that as a client I'm really annoying, always coming back with amends and not once, never, at no time has any of the Big Fanta team ever vented so much as a sigh or a curse under their breathe. In fact I'm only this very weekend I'm compiling a list of small amends for our latest project. In conclusion I would suggest using Jatinder and if you want to ring me to discuss I can be found on 0774 009 8092."

Gavin Griffiths, CEO, Author | Microvar Ventures Ltd

"Having worked with many web designers I have to say Jatinder has been the most receptive. He is open to suggestion and is a willing player in working with me to achieve what I wanted. Jatinder seems to be able to help in making things easier and suggest ideas and thoughts to help the process along. It’s been a pleasure working with Jatinder and I will definitely use him again in the near future."

Bruce King - Author, Sales Trainer | Leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist

"Jatinder is a digital genius and pioneer of digital rapport in the UK.

Jatinder understands the depths of the digital arena inside out, and can help you develop a digital strategy for both your marketing (on- and off-line) and reputation management, which is far greater than average web-developer can deliver. Jatinder has catapulted me onto the top of Google, beating some stiff competition which has helped bring customers through the doors.

Jatinder is a sincere and honest person, and always acts in good faith with utmost professionalism and he has a genuine interest in doing good for everyone, and goes out of his way to deliver service beyond expectation. I know I'm in good hands when Jatinder's on the the case.

Peace & respect!"

Lak Loi - Author of Master Your life, 9 Steps to Self Mastery | Bruce Lee's JKD London

"I really can't say enough about Jatinder and his company Bigfanta! They have been a true blessing and a joy to work with. Thanks so much for your awesome web design and construction and hosting!! I have personally recommended BIGFANTA to many professionals. I really believe you are the best! I continually receive awesome comments on my website!

JB team will continue to work with Jatinder and would recommend their services highly. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer! You are all so efficient and professional & most of all TALENTED!! God bless!"

Daljit Bhogal - Musician/Producer/Singer | Musician , Music Producer and Singer

"Jatinder is a genius .His enthusiasm is contagious and he inspires me no task is too big for him to handle and his quick responses to finding solutions to a problem is breath taking.I have worked with him on several occasions and relish working with him every time if you need a website built how you want it and more importantly how you need it Jatinder and BigFanta is the way forward."

Antonio PopEYE Francis - Entertainer | Eye Popping

"Jatinder and his company are an amazing resource for getting your projects done on time and on budget. Not only do they produce quality work, what I like most is that I can trust them wholeheartedly. Jatinder bends over backwards to ensure the project is done perfectly."

Matt Morris - Entrepreneur | Unemployed Millionaire

"Jatinder has the rare gift of perfectly combining his two strongest points together and making the result work for himself and his clients. The two strong points he possess is firstly his hard working ,clear and serious business mind, and the second, his almost child like enthusiasm ,positivity and natural instinct. When it comes to their work, most people are one or the other, and prefer to to come across or work in a one dimensional format. Where as Jatinder combines his two strengths perfectly, making the experience when working with him not only inspiring and fun, but also insightful. He has non stop flow of ideas, that turn your original dream in to a reality you did not think possible."

Kezia Noble - Author/World leading dating coach | Pick up artist

"Jatinder has been helping me develop my site from the beginning and very co-operative in his approach. If you know what you want then he will deliver. Committed and driven to get the job done, very hands on and there to help."

Kalpesh Patel - Entrepreneur | Entrepreneur

"I have had the good fortune to have been introduced to Jatinder last year by a mutual friend called Amrit Singh. Jatinder's unique approach to life & his faith, has enabled him to easily create an instant rapport with anyone that he meets. He takes any complex project & instantly creates a 'simple' action plan with an ease that I have seldom witnessed!!

I would have no hesitation in strongly advising anyone thinking of using him to create an ultimate online profile or business, to take action and get him signed up immediately.

He has been at hand with my personal projects, as though they were his own. This is a very highly valued mindset for me. Thank you for your vision Jatinder!"

Sukhi Wahiwala - Established Entrepreneur - Master Nlp Practitioner - Hypnotherapist - Private Mentor - Business Keynote Speaker - Strategic Writer | Wahiwala Group Of Companies

"There is no better partner than a partner who delivers what you ask for, on time and on budget. This is Jatinder Palaha. Jatinder has a deep understanding of web coaching linked with critical strengths in web business strategy. Jatinder brings a fresh approach to what we want to achieve and is always helping to find the right solutions to the challenges my business faces."

Duncan Gledhill - Entrepreneur | Digital Entrepreneur

"Jatinder is a personal development inspired individual who is constantly learning and studying to expand his mind and knowledge. A dedicated individual, he follows through on what he does and diligently goes about his work until he creates the required results. He is quick to help and crack on with things, practicing what he preaches on an hourly basis."

Ron G Holland - Author and Business mentor | Best selling Author - Talk & Grow Rich, Turbo Success & The Eureka! Enigma

"Jatinder is truly unique, having invested thousands of pounds getting websites that don’t work, I discovered there are two types of websites designers guaranteed to burn a whole in your pocket. A designer who cares about the design and the bells and whistles rather than what you want. Or secondly a computer coder who can do code but not design. What I discovered is I want someone who has the strategies to make a website that creates sales. Jatinder is unique he can do design and code yes both + he understands the cutting edge techniques to turn your website into sales, I would highly recommend him."

Lee bannister - NLP trainer and Hypnotist | London Hypnotherapy NLP