How To Build Rapport online Using Psychometrics | Sukhi Wahiwala


How psychometrics and personality traits can help you connect better online interview with Sukhi Wahiwala (Master series)

Some say we’re all connected and surrounded by an ever present, invisible force.

Today, this seems to be a description of wireless technology .

I believe we are always connected.

But as humans we don’t always go around in a perceptive state.

Some of us run around on auto pilot with years of conditioning having influenced our perceptions in a subjective manner.

It’s only when we slow down and become present, can we see the world objectively for what is going on in that moment.

Understand yourself and understand others. Do this and you can adapt and work in harmony with another.

In person this is much easier to do, but how does one create this connection in the online world where you may not know who you are talking to?

Join me on this journey as we talk to strategic business mentor and human behaviour expert, Sukhi Wahiwala as he shares how understanding psychometrics and personality traits can help you connect better online.

In this interview with cover:

  • What is rapport?
  • How to create instant rapport?
  • What is SLUAT
  • How does rapport differ offline from online
  • Can you bridge offline methods to build rapport to online
  • How DSIC can be used for personality profiling
  • Breaking rapport and what no to do

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