Work With Me

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The moment I bridged my two passions (IT & Personal Development) was when I realised I wanted to serve subject matter experts. Using technology to help them get their message out and impact others, allows me to indirectly help others too. That dream of impacting the world is that little bit closer to hand. So as good coaches, consultants and experts that responsibility of service to humanity can only be a great thing.

"Under The Sky, Under The Heavens, There Is But One Family."-Bruce Lee paraphrasing Confucius

Strategy Call

Initial 45 minute strategy call where you share with me where you currently are in your business journey and where you want to be in the next 12+ months.  Let's Determine if your business goal is something I can help you with. And Find out more about Accountability / Busines coaching and or Web services.

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Stuck? Need help with specifics?

Overcome challenges that are setting you back from success in a 60-minute coaching call with me. Let's Work Together on Formulating a Plan That Will help you with your next steps.

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