Why is Digital Marketing Important For Business?

Bruce, why is digital marketing so important?

So Bruce Lee said to me “the power does not lie in the body, the power lies in the mind”….. then I woke up having fought a tough battle against a master of the arts … Luckily, it was just a dream, else who knows what would have happened.

The thought of fighting an opponent, who we have no prior knowledge of, is going to give you problems. How can we expect to win if we don’t know what we are up against? If you do your research, there is a chance we could be in a better fighting position.

This got me thinking… where else are we trying to fight some sort of battle but not winning? So relating it back to digital marketing I thought its like trying to understand your target audience so you can solve a problem and serve them well.

Digital Kung Fu – Economy of Motion In Digital Marketing.

Being a digital strategist, my mind linked it up to marketing and selling online and I thought oh wow Digital Kung Fu – Economy of Motion In Marketing.

We know any business is going to have a challenge, a fight of sorts, in the same way as providing a service to clients is also going to be a challenge if we don’t know what they need or if we don’t know what the problem or weakness is…

  • Where do they need help.
  • What problem you can solve and how?

Now I’m not trying to say that you should be fighting your clients 🙂 but what I am saying is that you will be battling against yourself if you don’t understand what it is that your client needs.

Bruce had a concept that he called “economy of motion” in his martial art, Jeet Kwon Do (JKD), translating to “the way of the intercepting fist”. The concept deals with no-to-little wasted time or movement in technique and applying the simplest things that work best.

“Economy of motion” is the principle of:

  • Efficiency: An attack which reaches its target in the least amount of time, with maximum force.
  • Directness: Doing what comes naturally in a disciplined way.
  • Simplicity: Thinking in an uncomplicated manner; without ornamentation.

It’s all about conserving both energy and time, two crucial components in a physical confrontation and on the battlefield the maximized force seeks to end the battle quickly. Understanding this will help you understand with digital marketing for your business is important.

How does this apply to digital marketing?

Simply put it’s about knowing your target market inside out in a direct way so you can help them solve their problems. The market does not care how badly you want something or hard you have worked, the market rewards those who deliver real value. JKD is about intercepting, you could refer to this as a pattern interrupt, but you can only do this if you know what you are up against.

In order to catch your audience where they are at, here are 4 Questions, you must answer when going into ANY new market. Use this as digital kung fu to serve your tribe/customers.

If you can answer these questions, you’ve laid the foundation for an extremely successful online business and for your digital marketing campaigns.

But if you can’t answer these questions – if you’re just ‘winging it’ – you’re going to struggle and likely fail at online marketing.

Certainly, you will never be as successful as you could be if you did answer these questions

(If I don’t have your interest now, you’re not paying attention…)

1: Where is your target customer right now in their life?

For example, what pain are they feeling or what problem do they need solving?

Let’s say your market is weight loss. Your target customer might be Liz, a 35-year-old married woman with two children and a career who has tried everything to lose those extra 25 pounds she gained since she got married and had kids.

2: Where do they want to be?

For example, what goal do they have, or what outcome are they looking for?

Liz wants to look like she did when she first met her husband – thin, young and gorgeous.

She wants to look amazing in her business attire when she’s out with her husband or just running errands. And with her non-stop schedule, she wouldn’t mind having more energy, too.

3: Why do they want to be there?

For example, what are the underlying issues they’re really trying to solve?

For Liz, she’s worried her husband is losing interest in her. She wants him to be attracted to her, and she wants to feel sexy and wanted.

Plus, she wouldn’t mind being the most gorgeous woman in her circle of friends, looking amazing in her clothes and feeling younger, too.

And then there’s Liz’s mom, who is obese. Liz is secretly terrified she’s going to continue to pack on the pounds just like her mom did, and pretty soon she’ll be tipping the scales at 200+ pounds, too, with all the health problems her mom has.

4: What can you sell them to get them from #1 to #2 as quickly as possible (Economy of motion)?

This is your product. In this case, you want something that will enable Liz – a busy mom, career woman, and wife – to lose weight.

It shouldn’t take a lot of time or be super complicated – Liz doesn’t have the free time for 2 hours a day exercise regimen or spending 3 hours in the kitchen preparing special meals. What process, methodology, course or signatures system could you use to help create the roadmap or transformation?

Once you can answer these four questions, you know exactly who you’re targeting and HOW to target them. Plus, you know how to custom tailor your product exactly for them.

Some folks will wonder if we’ve narrowed our market down too much. “Shouldn’t we target ALL people who want to lose weight, or at least all women, or…”


Consider this scenario: You’re having a conversation, trying to convince someone to do something. Except that it isn’t just one person, it’s a thousand different people, each with a different life, different needs, different problems and different desires.

Bruce also spoke about Emotional Content – doing something for the sake of doing it isn’t good for anyone. You have to put feeling behind your actions in order to achieve your intended goal.

Stay focused on the content and the purpose behind it and you’ll be on the right track more often than not. – Ignite emotional states, keep the message focused and truly connect with your audience.

How can you begin to address the issues of 1,000 different people all at the same time?

You can’t. But you can talk to just one.

And as you carry on this conversation with this one person – in this case, Liz – the other 999 can listen in.

No doubt they will relate to many of the issues that are raised and the points that you make. They might not be like Liz, but they can relate to her and her problem because it’s not that different from their own problem.

And many of them will buy your product, too.

But if you had tried to address all of them at the same time? It would have been too confusing, too bland and too generic to appeal to anyone.

And now that you’ve answered your 4 questions, you can create a mission statement that works, that addresses your exact audience and tells them exactly why they can and should do business with you.

In addition, by answering these four questions you’ve just created a basic product outline – and outline you can use time and time again to make new products.

You’re able to write your sales copy because you now know the pain points and your selling points.

And you can target your ads and your traffic to the right people with the right pain. Your ads, products, and sales copy are all congruent now. It all targets the right person and it all makes sense.

These 4 questions might very well be all that stands between you and a super successful product launch, not to mention potentially dominating your niche.

Bruce once said, “Know the cause of your ignorance.” The ignorance here is not knowing about your ideal customer and the problem you or your product can solve. Figure that out, and this is one battle you’ll always win in your marketing strategy.

Hence using digital marketing in a researched and strategic way can be used to serve your clients and help you grow and scale online by serving an industry where you can add the most value.

Tip: Using Curiosity In Digital Marketing

All creatures are curious…especially humans.   We explore our world rather than just respond to it, looking under rocks, pulling back curtains, and poking sticks into things.  

To arouse curiosity:  The following words and phrases are proven to turn apathy into interest:


Someone spilled the beans…

The answer you’ve been looking for…

Sneak Peak

For Your Eyes Only

The following headlines are laser-focused on the curiosity of their individual target audiences:

Secrets for Making Money With Time Shares

What The Diet Companies Don’t Want You To Know 

Mysteries of A Satisfying Sex Life Revealed

The Professionals-Only Guide to Car Buying

To make curiosity work for you:  After you create the “itch” that needs to be scratched, you must then make it abundantly and IMMEDIATELY clear that you can provide the solution to the itch.   For example:

There’s a trick to giving up cigarettes for good…

and we’ve got it on the next page!

You won’t believe what our supplier did…

and now YOU can take advantage of her mistake

The journey to financial freedom doesn’t have to take forever…

If you know the short cut that WE do

Our passion for discovery is hardwired, so stimulating curiosity is a powerful force that you can use to lure consumers to “go deeper” into your copy.  Curiosity gains and holds the consumer’s attention long enough for the rest of the sales message to be delivered.

Most people don’t like advertising and won’t make the effort to open a solicitation if they think they are getting an advertising message — unless they are sincerely interested in buying something that the advertisement offers…OR if their curiosity is aroused.  

But remember be authentic don’t say you have a resolve if you don’t. Whatever you do as the solution to a problem make sure you have a proof of concept and that it works. The last thing you want to be doing is be providing misguided information or being unethical in your approche, as it will only work against you in the long run.

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