Where to Market Your Videos

You have now created your first video, congratulations! Now just where and how do you market them? While your first choice may be uploading them to YouTube, there are other places that you will want to use too.

Uploading your videos to YouTube is a great video marketing practice and should be one of your first steps. However, you don’t want to stop here.

Other places to upload your video include:

On Your Blog

Including a link to your video should become a habit. You may even want to create a video for your blog posts. Some people just prefer to listen while they are busy doing something else.

On your home page a video can really help retain the attention of your visitors. You can even use a video as bait to get them to opt in to your email list. Just place the subscribe box right next to the video.

If you offer services, a video of you describing what you offer, can be more personal than just a written article. Depending upon your service you could showcase some of your work.

Get into the habit of using video to describe any type of lengthy process. If you are explaining about how to edit a document, for example. It is often easier to “show” rather than “tell”.

If you don’t often incorporate video into your blog start doing so today. Google loves video and you will probably see that your search engine rankings increase when you add video marketing into your content mix.

Slide Sharing Sites

Many text based videos are perfect for putting up on slide sharing sites. This can be a fantastic way to increase the traffic to your site.

If you tend to create lots of videos from PowerPoint slides then this is the perfect marketing method for you to use. Try uploading your next slides to places such as Slide Share.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are a great place to actually record your videos, and no you don’t have to record a live Hangout. The nice part of this is once your video is complete Google will automatically upload it to your YouTube account.

If you create weekly videos on the same topic you can list them in Google+Hangouts. Again this will help increase traffic back to your main website or blog.

All of these video marketing methods are ones that you should be incorporating in some form or other. Don’t overlook videos as they are a powerful tool that can help grow your business.

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