What Is The Meaning of Life?

Walks and thoughts with JT.

In this park walk podcast episode I share my thoughts on the meaning of life.

Just exploring some thoughts and ideas to get you into deep thought on how you can think about what you think about.

  • What is it all about?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • How you might be able to create a change by reprogramming your thinking

Transcription (Automated transcription may contain errors):

JT log star date 10072019 that’s what I would say if I was on the starship enterprise in space flying around on my star ship. Oh wait, I am on a star ship. It’s calling my mother earth. How cool is that? It’s got everything I need is called the facilities. It’s got water, earth, air, fire, friends with whom we are cruising around the galaxy, around the solar system, around the sun. How cool is that? Right space. Gets you thinking, gets you thinking about the meaning of life. What’s it all about? How big is this? Is it endless? Where does it start? Where does it stop? What’s the point? What’s the meaning we give to it? What’s the meaning of life? That’s what I’m thinking about on this walk this morning and as I’m walking through the park and just listening to the sounds of nature, just contemplating, I think it’s the age old question, isn’t it?

What’s, what’s this all about? What’s life all about? Why are we here, what we meant to be doing. A, what’s a purpose was a point. And those kinds of questions. And it’s an interesting one because I think humans have been asking that question since, uh, they probably been since they’ve been conscious of actually being able to ask those type of questions. And uh, it reminds me of a conversation I’ve had many times with my brother Sukhi Wahiwala about the meaning of life and how this gentleman called Korzybski I think the surname is Alfred Korzybski if not sure, talks about how humans are meaning making machines. And um, that’s quite a, a deep thought if you think about it, meaning making machines. If we think about it and we study the brain, and look deeper into it is kind of true. We can make meaning of anything. We can make anything mean whatever we want it to and how the brain works on kind of, um, associations.

And when we come across something, it tries to relate to a situation or scenario. So it pulls up like, um, memories or experiences which are similar in nature. And then we make things mean something in line with those and so we can make meetings out of anything. It’s a deep thought. One of the things that make you wonder like to what degree does really even matter. Now, if you look at it from a kind of cosmic perspective, the universe is all is creating and destroying. If you look into the research, it is galaxies is solar systems. There’s all sorts of stuff being created and destroyed in space all the time, which takes place over possibly thousands and millions of years kind of thing. But it’s in the very core of how this material world seems to run and then we bring it closer to home. It’s kind of similar in that context as well as human beings we are all as creating and destroying and reminds me of the concept of the Yin Yang, the ancient symbol with black and white colours in motion. When you look closely, you see that you have the two colours of white and black, which represent the synergy and in some context as describing a positive, negative, good or bad. So when you look at the colours, the white and black represent good and bad. Positive, negative, yes. No masculine, feminine. And if you look inside the black, you see like a dot of white and inside the white you see a dot of black, which means the dark inside. The goodness of the goodness inside the doc is in constant motion. It’s a great symbol I think is a probably one of the closest kind of samples that we’ve have that we can visually look at. And that kind of represents the motion of life.

I mean what is beyond life is questionable. People talk about these things, but we don’t really know. We’ve have lots of religions are formed out these things to say it could be this way or that way. And that reminds me of something I had Bruce Lee once say, he said that if he put the masters, sorry, if you put the students of martial arts class or not from different different arts in a room together, they’ll all argue on everything. But if you put the masters of an art into a room altogether, they agree on everything. So it just makes you wonder like we are these religious institutes, but at the core of it, they seem to be saying the same thing, but the students seem to be bickering, fighting amongst each other instead of listening and having a good dialogue about it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are people who are doing that, which is brilliant.

It’s all based around, you know, morals, what we should be doing. We shouldn’t be doing what we think is going on and all sorts of stuff. It’s an interesting one because you could take this conversation anyway because then you are at the other side of it, which is the atheist side. People who don’t actually believe that there is some sort of entity or energy or something that people might refer to as God. And they just say everything is just the way it is and may well be and may well be the case. I mean, sometimes you probably have to have this objective view on things in order to look at it from a side so you don’t put your subjective views onto it, which is a good thing. So, yeah, so I’m having this deep thought conversation going on today in my mind, and I’m just walking through the park thinking about these things?

And just the whole thing about being able to make meaning on pretty much anything we do. It’s an interesting one because the way we think about things can have an effect on everything. It can. If we’re like constantly thinking about the future, it can create, they can make the brain feel anxious. So we have social anxiety going on and then anxious about the future, everything’s going on. And then if we’re thinking about the past, we could create depression. So you’ve got these kind of polar opposites going on when in reality, the only thing that’s really real is just this present moment that we have because the future hasn’t really happened, but it’s happening as we’re going along. And the past is just a memory because it’s already gone. So the only thing real is this moment we have right now. So on that same context in the meaning we give to something can bring about a whole bunch of other meetings which may not actually have any validity to them and they could just be created in our minds, which are not really real.

You know, they just, things we make up because of our perceptions, our projections, our thoughts, experiences, our kind of future projections about what could happen or couldn’t happen. And I think on a daily basis we kind of have this thought on our mind about how, what the day could turn out like, but at the end of the day we look back and think, oh, didn’t expect that to happen. So there’s always that unexpected thing that can happen in situations or scenario as well. And to paraphrase the Buddha expectation is the cause of all suffering. So on that thought, it’s quite important to kind of be aware of our own thoughts, our own emotions, the meanings we give to things, the meanings that we make things make. Because whatever we will ever, meaning we give to something can have a massive impact on how we view life, how we move forward, how we do things.

And sometimes you might just wake up in the morning having a bad dream or something and then your mood becomes the guide for the day. But then when you become aware of your mood, you might think, hey, why am I feeling like that? And then you can adjust it again, it’s just what meaning you’ve associated with it, right? So do things really matter? I’ll take, they do because we’re here on this planet. There’s this thing about cause and effect in how we do things. And it has a knock on effect. It could refer to as karma, karma, meaning action or actions we take has a knock on effect. You can either be at the cause of something or you could be there at the effect of something, right? It’s up to you what meaning you make, it’s like , whatever thoughts you constantly have on your mind, um, becomes like your navigation point in life.

If there’s certain goal you wanna achieve and it’s consciously on your mind and you’re thinking about it on a daily basis or you’re working, you are then just working towards that and that’s the meaning you’re giving to your actions and everything you do that’s important to then you know, think about things and think about what you’re thinking about, if that makes sense and try to become consciously aware of your own thoughts and your internal processes and what you think about because they say what you think about, you bring about where attention goes, energy flows. So what things are you giving energy to? It’s like if you just chill out, relax and don’t do anything, then nothing really seems to happen. But if you get up and do something, even if you go out for a walk or if you do so something spontaneous, then something else occurs out of that and that would not have happened if you didn’t actually take the steps towards doing something, deep thought today.

Deep thinking I think is a good thing to do because I think the deeper you can think about something, the better you are able to kind of reprogram your mind into doing things that you really want to be doing and not focus on things you don’t want to be focusing on. So, and the way to do that is to actually get present is to get into the present moment because the present moment is where he can rewrite your programs. Because if you’re living in the future all the time, then you’re just jumping around from one thing to another. Creating anxiety in your brain, which causes stresses on your body and it works the same in the opposite direction. You know, if you’re thinking constantly about the past, about what could have happened, what should have happened and what didn’t happen and what all that kind of stuff, again, causes a form of depression, which then has an another kind of stress on the body.

And when you get present, it’s like, it’s like centre point its’ like bringing things into balance because it allows you to see things with a different perspective. Yeah. Just wanted to share that so it might make a good podcast. I’m just kind of chilled out, relaxed and deep thought, so that’s why you could probably could probably tell for my, my tone, the way I’m thinking about things and it’s all good. It’s from a good space. It’s um, or it could be for bad best or that really no good or bad, right ying and yang we’re meaning making machines. It’s a deep one guys its deep one, you know, have a, have a deep think about what you think about and what meanings you give to things and then ask yourself the question as to why, what meaning have I given this and why have I given this, this meaning, where is the proof that this meaning is right or wrong?

Oh, where is the proof that what you’re thinking about is actually the case? Because action is what you need to do. Take actions towards something , whatever it is, it could go in either direction, right? There’s always a polarising effect. There’s always a polarisation. The pendulum swings as they say, so always going to return to centre at some stage and then it’s up to you what you do with that. When you get back to centre. I have this thing called m, you know, reset and back to basic. Sometimes it’s good to just kind of reset. I think it gives you a new perspective on things. Anyway, I thought I’ll try a different type of podcast today and just kept my thoughts, uh, out onto audio. Um, I mean one of the reasons for me doing this is, is to develop and get better at speaking and doing things on the fly.

So just to improve my own communication as well, but at the same time, I’m kind of hoping it’s, is good feedback and information for you guys listening. Uh, hopefully there’s something useful in there. Hopefully there’s something that gets you into deep thought and with a, with a purpose to inspire you and create this change from within because that’s where the change comes from. It’s all is from within where it could be from the outside, outside circumstances could do something that breaks your state, that gets you present and gets you thinking. But that change or that shift is always from internal. It’s when, when you do actually take that moment to pause and think about things and reflect on things is where the change can come from. So whatever you doing in life, have a think about it. What is it that you’re doing?

Where is it going to take you? What could happen or might happen might not happen. It doesn’t really matter if it does happen. It doesn’t happen though. I mean the biggest thing is that you get a learning form it because everything you do is about, it teaches you something, a life good or bad either teaches you to do moreover or teaches you to do less of it, but either way you’re learning. So sometimes it’s good to know what not to do and sometimes it’s good to understand and learn what you’re not about in order to find out what you’re really about. It’s funny how at the same time your feelings and emotions can have an effect on your mood. I just started a conversation with a gentleman who is doing some martial arts and uh, yeah, he was just telling me about how due to life stresses he, you know, comes out like five o’clock in the morning and just does his exercises in martial arts and all sorts of other things and uh, and it was just good to have a conversation with him.

You know, it’s random conversation with someone just talked to him about him, about his life, what he’s up to, what he’s doing. He was good. He left him in a good space and left me in a good space. Just met someone new. So it’s good to just have conversations, social interactions, you know, just talking to people, real life, not over the Internet, not through social media or phones or anything like that, but just actually have one to one conversation. The eyeball to eyeball conversation. It’s deep, you know, it’s a, it really helps you connect with another human being. And I think, I think that’s what it’s about. I think that’s where the meaning of life is. It’s about connecting with other human beings. We’re all here, if this world had no people in it, what are we’re doing it right. What would, what would happen? And he couldn’t really do anything.

Couldn’t do much. So life revolves around other life. So just having conversations with other people, even that in itself is like a, a really deep meaningful thing. Just one light connecting to another light, right? So it’s good, it’s good to connect, get out there, connect with other people and see how things go. Do something random. So on that note, I hope you guys have had a deep think about things as well and uh, im going to carry you in walking, chill out, relax for a bit and then get back to things. Okay, everybody have a great day and I’ll chat to you soon.

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