What do we remember the the most?

Experiences right? Good ones and bad ones! So why is that?
Its probably because a good experience leaves you feeling happy, joyful, pleasurable, and positive. The experience becomes your memory that you could cherish forever and go back to when ever you need.

But its also true that a negative experience can leave its mark. But being human we would rather not remember or have negative experiences because they make you feel so so bad. We rather have fun, and be positive right?

So then why do we choose to keep hold of the negative experiences and memories? It does not make sense to do that, as it does not keep one in a positive mind set and is just a drag and a wast. It does not serve you or anyone else in any way!

I  had an amazing experience, one that I choose to remember and share with others. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. But the best thing about it was that there were 12,000 others that too had this experience. Yes that’s right 12,000 people!!!!!

Its funny how people from different walks of life converge in one point on events. A few years back I was with 12,000 people at the London excel with Tony Robins. When I say 12,000 people, I mean there were people from all over the world, different backgrounds and different religions. Its was TRULY a Human being experience. Nothing like I’ve witnessed before.

People, this event was CRAZY, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I’ve never felt energy like this before. Words can not describe this. You had to be there. The energy went thought the roof. All walks of life had gathered under one roof(that got blown off). We had fun and learned so much, from mind over mater to rapport, to limiting beliefs, psychology, forms of communication, strategies and much much more (4 days worth).

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