Video Marketing Best Practices

When using video in your marketing methods you want to keep certain things in mind. We have listed the following best practices to help you get the best results from your videos. We have also included tips which you can use when it comes to marketing your videos.

1. You can start off creating videos with free tools. Use Jing or Windows Movie Maker.

2. Don’t forget to create videos that brand your business.

3. Videos are great for service providers too. Adds a more human touch to your services.

4. Use PowerPoint or Keynote to create informative slides that can be turned into a video.

5. Upload your videos to all the top sites.

6. Showcase your video on your social media sites.

7. Use video on your blogs and other web properties.

8. Google owns YouTube – this should be an incentive to start using them!

9. Companies are seeing an increase in sales when promoting with videos.

10. Add a thumbnail to your emails that open to your video when clicked.

11. Use the word “Video” in your subject lines to increase your open rates.

12. Create a video that promotes each new product you release.

13. Book trailer videos are a great way to showcase your new book.

14. Create video landing and squeeze pages.

15. Videos help increase your search engine standings.

16. Try to make your video stand out from others.

17. Incorporate images, graphics and audio into your videos.

18. Always add a link to your website in the description area of your video.

19. Don’t create long videos. You would be better off to create two or three shorter ones that form a series.

20. You can record a video from your IPhone or Smartphone.

The benefits of using video are huge. They can help increase your online presence. Your search engine rankings should start to improve and this increases traffic to your site.

Instead of writing a long winded page of text, record a video. Videos can easily demonstrate things in a better way than reading through a big instruction manual.

Another benefit to creating a video, especially if you are recording yourself, is that it shows the human side of you. With so much marketing being done online, it is too easy to hide behind your website.

Use videos to really connect with your audience and build a relationship with them. You may be surprised at how much more interaction you suddenly start seeing on all of your sites.

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