Tips for Sharing Your Videos Quickly

Once you have created your videos your next step is to figure out the best way to share them. While uploading them to YouTube is great, why not have them shared across as many platforms and sites as possible? Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

There are certain services that will share your videos for you. So basically all you have to do is upload it once, and they take over for you. These, of course, will be paid services and Tube Mogul is an example of this.

If you don’t want to use a paid service you can search for a list of video sharing sites and manually add your video to each one. If you prefer to use your time as opposed to paying, this can be a cost saving measure. It is not one that will save you time though.

Inside your YouTube account you want to ensure that you have your settings set to share your videos. Go to your Video Manager and then click Settings and then Sharing. Simply connect the sites where you want your video to be shared.

If you produce short videos then use sites like Instagram. If your videos become popular then you can receive a ton of views. Vine is another site that helps you create short videos and get them online to Facebook and Twitter. They have to be no more than 6 seconds long – get creative and see what you can come up with!

Remember to share your videos on Google+ and if you create a weekly video turn it into a Hangout and list it on specific lists just for this purpose.

Of course the best way to get any video shared quickly is by creating one that is really popular. Try to make your video stand out. Sometimes it can help to add a little humor to your video. Or you may want to use images that tell a story. Currently whiteboard videos are really popular.

Always stay on top of the what’s hot when it comes to video marketing and creation. If you can stay up to date and produce your videos in the popular formats, they have more chance of going viral.

Take a look at the top videos to see why they went viral. Sometimes it has to do with something that happened on the spur of the moment. Like a group on a plane suddenly singing. Or a child or animal that does something funny. See if you can come up with something in the same vein, it never hurts to try out a new idea and see where it takes you.

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