ThriveCart review: Best Shopping Cart + New Course Platform

Do you want to convert more prospects into buyers?

Today I’ll be going over the basics features of ThriveCart, which is a popular cart / check out tool tool. It is helpful for any salesperson, coach, consultant or small business whether you are selling books or e-books, computers or software, you name it.

Do you seek maximum profits from your sales page?

Are you willing to put in the minimal effort for maximum results?

If so, then Thrive Cart Software is the perfect solution for you! 

It’s one of my favourite carts for its simplicity and quick setup for quick online services sales.

thrivecart - ThriveCart

ThriveCart is a viable solution for any business owner struggling to convert carts into purchases. It handles both the promotions available on your website as well as customer transactions. 

To date, ThriveCart has helped entrepreneurs around the world in making sales worth $1.3 billion. It has helped sell over 9.2 million products.  All of these stats are impressive but wait, is ThriveCart worth it? Is it the right option for you?

What is ThriveCart? 

ThriveCart is an online shopping cart / tool created to sell tangible and digital products such as applications, e-books, or other services. It has many valuable functions, including generating leads, creating offers and promotions, and designing checkout page upsells. 

It also categorizes your customers ‘ membership according to unique subscription plans. 

If you haven’t used a marketing tool before, ThriveCart is a great way to start. It is widely considered the best cart tool in the market. 

ThriveCart is easy to use and doesn’t require much coding knowledge. Beginners will be able to navigate easily through the software.

If you’ve used a cart software before, you’ll find that ThriveCart provides better functionality and user-friendly templates. It also supports the use of autoresponders and various integrations with other supporting software. 

PLUS POINT: Instead of monthly payments, ThriveCart has a one-time fee that allows you to buy the software without any hidden additional charges. In this way, ThriveCart is a cost-effective and cheaper solution than all its competitor cart software. 

What does ThriveCart do? 

As discussed before, the basic function of ThriveCart software is to increase the number of sales your sales page generates. Certain tools are incorporated in the software, allowing the user to customize their site to convert more visitors into customers.

It makes the Checkout process easier for the customer as well as enhancing their overall shopping experience. Its a simple way for you to take payments easily only for example for your coaching / services or products. Just make a package or subscription connect it to a payments gateway such as stripe and start taking payments straight away.

You can end up with More leads from the checkout as the customer must enter their email address to which you can later send promotions and offers or cart abandonment emails. You can nurture leads so that customers will keep coming back for more purchases, increasing your sales for example just connect it to Active Campaign for automation and followup emails.

Some of ThriveCart’s most solid features are: 

  • Creating customized checkout pages for customers
  • Capturing these leads through a simple two-step shopping cart.
  • Generating offers and promotions which attract customers.
  • Manage subscriptions to your page. 
  • Learn – This is a new feature which allows you to now also sell courses. Its a nice simple LMS (There are two version available 1) Learn which is free with yout intial purchase and 2) Learn + which is an optional add on with some advanced features.)

Why Choose ThriveCart?

I feel every business needs ThriveCart to enhance customer experience and bring ease to the fuss of checkouts. Overall, ThriveCart is arguably one of the best options for business owners to get something up and running fast. Its simple to use and set up which means it gives you a fast way to take payments for almost anything.

Creating Customised Checkout Pages

Many shopping carts are left abandoned because of the poor interface. This reduces the overall conversion rate of carts. ThriveCart creates customized checkouts which are easy and user-friendly. They are optimized to help you reach your potential conversion rate. 

In case you’re a beginner, creating a checkout page isn’t tricky because ThriveCart provides already optimized templates that you can use. Each of these templates is designed to make sure that all carts are converted into purchases. 

ThriveCart’s high conversion is attributed to the use of the A/B testing feature. The A/B testing feature shows you the analytics of each checkout page from which you can choose the one that performs best. 

Capturing leads with Two-Step Shopping Carts

With ThriveCart, you can make your commercial website a beneficial sales tool, accumulate customer information and make a sale. Even if the customer abandons the cart, you can still benefit by sending suggestions or other offers they can avail of to their email.

A two-step shopping cart compiles some information before they finalize the purchase.

This data may include their name, phone number, shipping address, office address, or email address. 

Even after they leave your website, you can easily benefit from them by sending them suggestions based on their last purchase or products added to their checkout.

Generating Upsells and Promotions 

If you do it right, you can upsell a customer into making a big purchase.

This is usually done by mentioning a similar product or something of a comparable cost at a cheap price. Discounts help greatly in this regard and selling upsells for complimentary services which add value.

Thrivecart permits you to do this. You can complement a special offer or promotion to upsurge each sale charge on the last checkout page. It is a useful technique to promote products in every purchase. A customer may be prompted to buy similar or complementary products to their previous buy, especially if they can add it to their cart with one click.

Promotions, discounts, and offers let you make the most out of sales from your customers. 

Manage customer subscriptions

Managing subscriptions of your online business is one of the best features of ThriveCart. You can sell paid memberships or recurring coaching services to customers and help them choose a plan according to their affordability.

ThriveCart proposes different subscription plans to its users based on billing after specific intervals. Providing subscriptions allows you to generate sales without selling any physical products. You can see your customers categorized according to their membership plans in the customer management section given by ThriveCart.

Thrivecart software also utilizes a Dunning feature that helps you see all recent subscription payments and premium members. 

Learn (Courses Platform) – Create and sell online courses

Learn is an extremely powerful and flexible course platform that is available for free directly within ThriveCart for ThriveCart users. It allows vendors to easily sell their training and content to customers through highly flexible courses containing modules and lessons. Each of which has a wide range of super-powerful drip-feeding options – giving you complete customisation on how your content is delivered to your students.

There are two versions of Learn available;

  • Learn (included for free as part of your ThriveCart account)
  • Learn+ (a paid advanced version containing a number of extra-powerful features)

Both versions allow for unlimited courses, unlimited modules, unlimited lessons, and unlimited students.

Powerful affiliate centre – Thrive cart also allows you to set up an affiliate program so others can help you promote your services. The affiliate platform is included in a ThriveCart Pro account and powers thousands of customers affiliate campaigns every day!

Final Words

By now, you will have acquired sufficient knowledge regarding ThriveCart and its functions. The choice is yours, but the facts are here to stay. 

Not only is ThriveCart the most cost-effective cart out there, but it is also packed with marketing tools. Currently, ThriveCart is giving a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Please hurry up and click here before it’s too late!

Join ThriveCart today (no monthly fees, ever)

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