The Ultimate Paneer Dish | Paneer Recipe

The Ultimate Paneer Dish Recipe

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The people asked so I decided to share.

My mission to make #Dhaba Style Paneer #Masala / Paneer Makhani Recipe.

Ingredients: – #onion – 1 – #ginger – as much as you like – #garlic – 1 bach – #pepper – 1 – #chillies – as much as you like – #tinned tomato – 2 – #stockpot – 1 – #peas – as much as you like – #salt/pepper – 1tsp – #butter – as much as you like – #spinach – 1 bag – #paneer – 1 bag cubes – #tikka curry powder – 1-2 tsp – #hot curry powder – 1-2 tsp – #single cream – small tub – #coriander – bunch

Chop everything up. Cook the onions, add the ginger, garlic, pepper and chillies until well done. Add the herbs, cook for a few moments and then add the tomatoes and stockpot. Let that simmer away until well done. Put the oven on 180 and roast paneer for about 12mins, thereabouts until they golden brown. Add the cream to paneer, bring to boil. Add the peas and paneer to the sauce and then simmer way for about 10mins. Finish with coriander and salt and pepper to taste.

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