The Shadow Effect

Are you ready to reclaim the gold in the darkness? Would you like to take back your power today? Are you longing to express your greatness?

I saw a film called The Shadow effect by Debbie ford Featuring Deepak Copra, Marianne Williamson, James Van Peach, Mark victor Hansen , Dr David Simon and Dr Jason Deitch.

AMAZING!!! If you don’t embrace your negative side and your positive side then you are living a life of illusion. If you are only looking for the positive then you are living a one sided life and not living to your full potential as your perceived negative side or the shadow could lead you to your greatest YOU. Its only when you look at the  dual aspect of your self as the films says give light to the dark and accept all of who you are can you really and truly see the blessing of all that your life has GIVEN YOU.

100% RECOMMENDED take the time out to watch this.

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