The Future of things

I often sit down and wonder where its all going? what new tech is going to be coming out? how companies like Apple will bring out new and exciting products. It’s all amazing and when you ponder on the idea your mind just goes crazy.

Growing up I use to watch many scifi movies and programs, they use to have all these amazing gadgets which seemed so futuristic. So to see those technologies manifest now is like a childhood dream come too. Michael Knight and talking car and kit his companion, now we are seeing apple watch and siri. Captain Picard and his tablet, and now we see them all over the place. The crew of start trek walking around on a plant with portable navigation units, just like me using my iPhone and Google maps to navigate the unexplored streets of London. What else have we seen that is being manifested right now ?

The future is just an empty canvas and big enough to cater for the greatest visionaries of our time. If we can think it, imagine it, we can most likely create it. It’s just a matter of time. I’m optimistic about the future and can’t wait for propulsion systems , wrap speed and teleportation.

Think big, think different, dare to dream, it’s endless and so exciting.

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