The Contrepreneur Formula Exposed

This is awesome🤗

This is borderline to some degree. But it’s worth knowing this as there is allot of junk out there and lots of people ready to take advantage, fake gurus, low quality content, click bait all designed to funnel you .

So the best thing you can do is arm yourself with knowledge.

This is a good video where Mike Winnet is exposing the dark side of this industry.

He says “People are getting rich selling bullshit online courses because you believe there is some kind of secret formula to create passive income. In this video, I explain the science behind the CONTREPRENEUR FORMULA.”

You can read the rest of the copy on the description for the video below.

It raises the question about ethical marketing and what is acceptable and what is not. It’s hard to determine ones intention online. So do your research and chat to people where you can.

It’s perfectly ok to charge for your products and services as fair exchange. But whatever you create, do what you can to add value and be authentic. It’s not nice to rip people off or be dishonourable in business as it will one day come back and bite you. Good or bad its lessons learned that you can apply to be better and do better.

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