The 1 Biggest Problem Business Owners Face Online

It takes work and effort to make something work. The biggest problem is when business owners don’t give something long enough, test it enough to make it work and instead jump to the next shiny thing that catches their attention just because someone else is making noise. There’s no coincidence that successful companies test, assess, calibrate, test, assess, calibrate, test, assess, calibrate until it works.

The secret to online success is to get your first conversion goal working before you scale up. Either you initially have a MVP (minimum viable product) where you test the market to see if people want what you are selling or you have a service which is needed and you just have to make sure your message is clear and for the correct audience.

A web page online is binary in nature. Lots of different personalities will land on that page. Not every one of them will be after your product. So it’s got to be designed to only attract the persona you are going for. When you get this right and you get your messaging right then your conversions will increase and you will get results because you can show how you solve their problem.

No one particular shiny object will get you results, its consistent persistence, testing, assessing, calibrating. It’s boring yes. But when have you ever excelled in anything in life without putting the time and energy in? It can take a lifetime to become the best version of you so it only makes sense to give your business a chance too.

Stop jumping from one thing to another, stop getting distracted by the noise, stop being busy being busy, get laser focused, get intense. Give it Time, Make it happen. There is no harm in working hard. Work smart too.

The show on social media is exactly that, a Show. It’s one big Darren Brown magic trick. You are shown what they want you to see to make the perception deception. We all do it, but go beyond this ;-).

Focus on the 1 thing. Dedicate time to it, test it and tweak it. This is how we learn and grow.

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