Storytelling That Moves People: Why Storytelling is the Most Powerful Way to Connect With Your Audience


In this podcast interview, I have a conversation with scriptwriter and consultant David Fox about creating and writing stories that connect with and move your audience. He shares many insights about how storytelling works and why it is so important for business and personal life and Why Storytelling is the Most Powerful Way to Connect With Your Audience.

David Fox is a writer, script consultant and life coach with 40 years of experience working in theatre, radio, film and Started out as an actor in the 80s and founded a touring theatre company. He Won an award for a play he wrote and was able to move into television and write very many scripts for adults and children.

Having worked extensively with the Life Coach David Key, David Fox has qualified as an NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. He is fascinated by the creative process and particularly the ways in which we can sabotage our best efforts by the wrong thinking. He has worked hard to understand his own process and developed simple techniques to unlock the subconscious and fast track our storytelling ability with his online course The Storyteller Gene.

We talk about

  • The power of storytelling
  • How we can sabotage our own creative process
  • How we connect to stories
  • Why do we connect to stories
  • The phycology behind storytelling
  • How to Tapp into your own creative mode
  • A bit about structure and process
  • How to create engaging stories and how we have a vested interest
  • How you can apply these principles to your business or writing
  • The Impossible question

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