Lead Generation: Creating and Using Squeeze Pages in 2022

A squeeze page is a dedicated page that entices someone to sign up for something. This could be a webinar, a free video or a gift such as a coupon, ebook or report. You can include any type of gift you like but it is best to offer something which is related to your business.

Before setting up your squeeze page you want to get your free offer or gift prepared. You can write this yourself, use a ghostwriter, or use a PLR product that you modify. Once you have this ready upload it to your website or deliver it through a service like Dropbox or Box.com.

Now it is time to work on your squeeze page. There are several ways to do this as well including:

  • Creating an html page
  • Using a free template
  • Purchasing a Squeeze page software
  • Using a plugin

What is a squeeze page? If you read my last post about what to do when you aren’t getting leads, you know that one of my recommendations is to use a page dedicated to collecting leads.  In marketing parlance this is referred to as a “squeeze page.”  

Your squeeze page should highlight what your offer is about. You need to list the main features and benefits of the product. It is best to highlight these by using a bulleted list.

A good squeeze page should always include the following elements:

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • List of benefits
  • A desire for your reader to want more info
  • A strong call to action
Squeeze Page
Squeeze Page

By combining all of these elements you are creating a strong desire in your reader, one that they will act on. With the end action being that they subscribe to your list to get your free gift or offer.

Having a striking image or using a video are two other good tactics which you can use on your squeeze page. An image makes your page visually pleasing and a video is a great way to include additional information about your product. You could even pop in a couple of testimonials in there.

Once your squeeze page is finished you can upload it to your website and your page will be live. Don’t forget to add your autoresponder code into your form so that subscribers are added to your list. If you are using a squeeze page software there will be a place to add this in.

Your next step is now to promote the heck out of your new squeeze page. You can promote it on all your social sites, and you can use the link in your signature file in forums. Even when you leave blog comments you can use the URL as your website. Just look for every opportunity you can and leave your link.

What is a Squeeze Page?

Squeeze Page: a landing page designed to collect the email address (at a minimum) of the visitor, through an opt-in form.

Squeeze pages have one objective: getting the visitor to opt-in.

A squeeze page is NOT a Sales Page. The objective of a sales page is to make a sale.  That is not the objective of a squeeze page.

In most cases, you will make more money by sending the majority of your traffic to a squeeze page instead of to a sales page. If that’s weird, the reason is because there is more money in long term connections than in a single one-off sale.

Long copy vs. Short copy

In most cases, shorter is better.

The best squeeze pages hit “hot buttons” of curiosity people “need to know.”  These may be   3-7 bullet points about something they are keenly interested in. I’ve even had success with a single point, for example:

“Enter your email address below to find out the #1 reason why women have a hard time losing belly fat.”

The reason that squeeze page is successful is that it promised the answer to a very popular topic and the audience was highly targeted to women wanting to lose belly fat.  Guess what? Men also opted-in to find out the answer too!

Now that you know what a squeeze page is and why it’s important to have a dedicated page, go create one for your list building purposes.

4 Elements of A Squeeze Page that Converts

Planning for a great squeeze page involves really honing in on the ideal customer.  Now you’ll learn how to create a squeeze page that converts.

Essential ingredients of a squeeze page:

1) Headline: Attention-getter

2) Benefits: What they get and how it helps them

3) Call to action: Enter your name and email

4) Opt-in form

If you use bullet points, make sure you address how the response benefits the reader.  Also – be sure to follow through on the information promised.

Keep things simple. Use a page builder such as Thrive Themes

Tip: People are getting more and more tentative giving away their email addresses.  Autoresponders such as Aweber have forms that allows people to opt-in using their Facebook account.  You can try this, but people who are Facebook savvy know that means you have access to the email address they use for Facebook.  They are less likely to share that information.

Using a standard non-Facebook-type opt-in means you may end up with an email that they don’t use as much as the one attached to Facebook. But your chance of closing a lead is greater than depending on a Facebook opt-in.  Reserve a Facebook connection for another time.

How much information should you collect?

The more information you collect, the smaller the percentage of visitors that will opt in.

The less information you collect, the greater the percentage of opt-ins.

Request only the information you need – minimally the email address.

The more information you collect, the more valuable the lead.

What to Do When Opt-in Offers Fail

Got juicy bait, a lake full of fish but no fish?  Here’s what you may be missing.

You know you need to build a list.  To do that you need: 

  • an autoresponder tool
  • something to offer potential customers (opt-in bait)
  • a hook to capture the contact information in exchange for the offer (opt-in capture form)

Those are the core components of capturing leads.  However, if you aren’t capturing any leads then you need to evaluate a few things.

  1. Where do you share links to your opt-in offer? Are you sharing them right?  If not, then start.  After all, people can’t read your mind.  Put a teaser and link to a page with the opt-in offer on it in your email signature, on your business card, in your phone messages, in forum signatures, on your car window…
  2. Use a dedicated squeeze page.  Yes, you can put an opt-in form on your home page and posts, but leverage a dedicated squeeze page for collecting email addresses.
  3. Your opt-in bait may be great, but are the people you attract hungry?  Here’s an obvious example to get the point across.  Let’s say you are building a list of people who want to know how to cook French cuisine.  It’s probably not a good use of your time participating in a weight-loss forum.  People there just aren’t “hungry” for your topic.  You may get some leads from this activity from people who are curious, but you don’t build a business from curious shoppers.   Your time is better spent participating in a “how to cook” forum or someplace
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