How Spiritual Egotism Can Influence Your Life Both on and off-line

Interview: How Spiritual Egotism Can Influence Your Life Both on and off-line


Spiritual Egotism… Good, Bad or Both?

In this episode, I’m in the presence of some great minds and dear friends. We talk about Spiritual Egotism. We talk about some deep topics and how being in spiritual alignment can help you create better rapport. We discuss both spiritual aspects and their science links. Brain science and human behaviour. You’ll be able to see great synergy between the topics discussed.

In no particular order we cover the following topics.

  • What is it?
  • If spiritual ego exists then is it really spiritual?
  • Why its important to be authentic in the digital space
  • Digital footprint – people see, what you show them, they will only know what you do if you tell them
  • How people are one way online and another way offline
  • Person? Personality? Archetype?
  • Online influence and the impact (intentional and un-intentional)
  • Believing that your connection with the Divine is somehow deeper or more special than other people’s connection
  • Directly or indirectly claiming a stance of superiority over anotherS due to ones own projected perceptions
  • What to we mean by ego or is it actually pride ?
  • Are people aware of it?
  • Why they might not be?
  • If people are spiritual then how come they may not be aware of it?
  • Incongruence ? really spiritual ? (Ethics)
  • Do they focus more on how “more spiritually evolved” they are than others?
  • Attempting to look like, dress like, sound like a “spiritual” person, adopted persona
  • Flaunting how spiritual you are on social media (with photos that demonstrate spiritual postures, setups, locations, tools, etc.)
  • New knowledge / Becoming overly identified with spiritual knowledge (and how much “you” know)
  • Wearing a mask of niceness, positivity or wisdom, real self? honestly expressing one self?
  • Heard affect – watching other thinking we have to be like that
  • Level of thinking
  • What drives thats >>> ego <> clubhouse
  • Know thy self >>>> <<<<<<
  • Ethics around ones meaning and model of the world
  • How spiritual alignment can help you create deep rapport ?
  • Stages of ego , identity
  • How does it play out in the real world
  • Why do we do what we do >>>
  • The shadow side / dark side of ego (positive and negative)

Marilyn Devonish – International speaker, Author, The NeuroSuccess Coach –

Sifu Lak Loi – JKD Trainer, Author, True White Collar Warrior –

Sukhi Wahiwal – Business Mentor, International Speaker and Human Behaviour Expert –

Jatinder Palaha – Digital Busines Coach, Web Revenue Strategist, Author –

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