9 Profitable Coaching Service Business Ideas That Work Great

Are you thinking about starting your own service business but are not sure what type of coaching business to start? If so, you are in luck. In this blog post, I’ll share service business ideas that have a high potential for profitability and starting a business. So whether you are a coach, consultant, or employee, read on to see if any of these businesses are a good fit for you. We will also share some tips on how to make your business successful. Let’s get started!

Do you enjoy assisting others? Do you feel that you could teach others how to live a more organized and structured life? Do you run an organized and structured lifestyle yourself? If all of these statements are true, I’ve discovered the ideal job for you… a life coach!

Did you know that coaching is a service business?

What is a small service business?

Small service business are businesses that offer services to their clients as opposed to products. Services can include coaching, consulting, counseling, and a variety of other professional services. These are also known as service based business.

What is a coaching business?

A coaching business is a service-based business that helps individuals or groups reach their goals. Coaches typically have experience in the areas they coach in and use this experience to help their clients achieve success.

What is the potential for coaching service business?

The coaching industry is growing rapidly, with an estimated growth rate of 11% from 2016 to 2021. This means that the coaching industry is expected to be worth over $2.4 billion.

There are a few reasons for this growth. First, more and more people are recognising the benefits of coaching. Coaching can help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals, improve their relationships, and live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Second, coaching is becoming more mainstream. Coaches are no longer seen as just “life coaches.” Business coaches, health coaches, and relationship coaches are all in high demand.

What does this mean for you?

If you are considering starting a service business as a coach, now is a great time to do it! The coaching industry is growing rapidly, and there is a high demand for coaches. Next you’ll see a few examples of service business. Most of these can be you can do as a service business online.

What is a Life Coach?

Many individuals may be unfamiliar with the term “life coach.” A life coach is someone who helps people learn new abilities and ways of living that will help them live a more productive life. Life coaches may specialise in a variety of areas, including relationship counsellors, financial consultants, career advisors, wellness trainers, and so on.

A life coach is more than just being a good listener, you also need to be able to ask good questions to assess the problems your client may be having. You also need to be able to ask tough questions.  Your goal as a life coach is to find the source to all of your client’s problems so that you can effectively fix them and teach them at the same time how they can fix similar problems in the future.

A life coach should also have a structured life themselves and be able to display techniques and strategies to change the way a person is used to thinking.  Although you don’t have to have a certification or degree to become a life coach, having some type of training in life coaching is an added plus and a great way to learn new techniques and skills that will help you in your own career.  There are many online accredited courses that you can take to become certified, which we will go more in detail about later on in the post.

service business coach
Service business coach

Becoming a life coach

Becoming a life coach can be a very rewarding career and isn’t hard to achieve.  You can also make a very good income by becoming a life coach.  For those who have the will, patience, and perseverance to establish themselves for long-term success, salaries of £80,000 and £100,000 are well within their grasp. According to the ICF’s worldwide survey, however, the average life coach salary is £42,000.

A life coach’s pay is determined by their decisions and the services and value they provide to their clients. Most significantly, there should be no question that there is no shortcut to building a coaching business that pays you what you want. It takes dedication, perseverance, tenacity, and a growth mindset!

But you must be all about your clients and not project your own issues onto others. A coach is a guide, a person of service. Serving others. A good coach will understand this as they would be in tune with themself and those around them. There are rubbish coaches out there but these tend to be the ones who have yet not healed themself, a coach coming from this space won’t be able to get the best out of you so do your due diligence. Don’t be afraid to learn and be coachable yourself so you too can grow and serve others from a place of optimum performance and self-awareness. These qualities will help you build a great service business.

How do you start a coaching business?

Starting a coaching business is relatively easy. All you need is some coaching training, a website, and some clients. It’s best to find your niche or use your experience to see where you can add the most value to other people.

You can find coaching training through organisations such as the International Coaching Federation or the Coach Training Alliance, the coaching academy are good places to start.

In addition, there are a number of books and online courses that can teach you how to start and run a coaching business.

Once you have your coaching training, it’s time to create your website. Your website should include information about your coaching services, pricing, and testimonials from past clients.

BUT, have the capacity to solve a problem. You must have overcome it yourself so you can teach others. Or you may have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience which is something you can now share with others. There must be an element of transformation and an efficient path that gets people from point A of being stuck to point B of having overcome that problem. If you have a proven pathway of transformation, a method, process or signature system then you’ll be able to help in an efficient and authentic way. This experience will do you wonders in building a profitable service business.

Coaching is a Service Business

For one, you can run your business straight from your home, while you’re on vacation, while you’re flying, etc. Most life coaches work from their computer or from a telephone, which makes the costs for running your business very inexpensive.

In this post, I’ll go through all of the things to think about before deciding to start a service business and become a coach. I’ll cover numerous themes, including what types of courses are available to get your career as an accredited and certified life coach started, what sorts of specialist life coach you can develop into, what skills you must have in order to be a successful life coach, and what the average income for a life coach is.

The ICF Global coaching study

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a global governing body for coaching with over 33,000 members in more than 180 countries. The ICF has completed one of the largest surveys of coaching practitioners to date. This survey was conducted in 2019 and 2020 with almost 11,000 coaching clients and coaching businesses from around the world. The study found that:

  • The coaching industry is growing. In the last 12 months, there has been a 20% increase in coaching businesses.
  • There is a demand for coaching. In the last 5 years, there has been a 50% increase in coaching clients.
  • Coaching is an effective intervention. 96% of coaching clients feel that coaching was helpful in achieving their goals and objectives
  • Coaching is becoming more mainstream. 61% of those surveyed said that coaching has become more mainstream in the last 5 years

This shows that coaching is a profession on the rise with increasing demand and that it is an effective intervention.

The coaching industry is worth over $2 billion

The coaching industry is currently worth over $2 billion and is estimated to be worth $6.5 billion by 2025. This growth can be attributed to the many benefits that coaching provides, such as:

  • Improved performance at work
  • Achievement of goals
  • Increased satisfaction with life
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater work/life balance

If you’re thinking about becoming a life coach, now is the time to do it!

Most Popular Types of Life Coaches

The first thing you should think about if you want to be a life coach is the area of life coaching that interests you most. We all know there are numerous elements to life, such as love, relationships, communication, business, family issues, financial difficulties, and so on. For each aspect of life, there must exist trained and qualified life coaches.

It’s your choice to figure out what area of life you’d like to begin coaching in. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common areas of life, as well as the kinds of responsibilities that come with becoming a life coach in that area.

What are examples of a service business?

Some examples of service business in the coaching niche.

  • General Life Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Leadership coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Mentor Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Comunication Coach
  • Financial Coach

Not sure about your niche? No problem click here to unlock your ideal niche business potential.

General Life Coach

A general life coach helps a person in all aspects of their life.  Most of the time when people hire a general life coach, they need help in all aspects of their life in general.  This could mean family matters, careers, relationships, etc.

For this type of life coach, you need an adequate amount of training or knowledge in all aspects of life as well as specific skills and techniques to be able to display to your client.

You can find tons of life coaching courses and classes available online as well as at your local colleges and universities.

Some of the tasks associated with being a life coach are creating spiritual tools for others that are in grief, helping your client create a balanced life, preparing young adults for college, helping your client with their business skills, life skills for young adults, financial advising for young adults and couples, self-care and awareness for the stay-at-home mom, and even help with life reorganization for older adults with no children at home.

A general life coach deals mainly with stress management and helps their client use helpful techniques and methods to conquer bouts of stress.

Some of the most successful general life coaches carry traits such as a non-judgmental person, a person with empathy, a person with good and positive orientation to life, a person who carries good listening skills, a person with compassion, kindness, and a loving demeanour, and a person who can identify a client’s strengths and weaknesses easily.

You must also have strong business skills to ensure that your career grows successfully. Another good trait to have is having a good sense of personal boundaries which is very important when dealing with clients.

So if you have the desire to help others with getting their lives back to normal and in an organized and professional manner, then becoming a general life coach may just be the speciality you’d like to embark in.

Relationship Coach

A relationship coach helps others with relationship problems.  As we all know there are all types of relationships within our lives whether it is a spouse, your children, your parents, other family, friends, and even business relationships.

As a relationship coach is a unique type of life coach because they will be covering many different aspects such as teaching their client, coaching their client, as well as acting as a mentor for their client.

It is a relationship coach’s job to help their client create a layout for each of their relationships.  Here you will work with your client to incorporate helpful methods and strategies to let go of certain relationships, create new and healthy relationships, and also transform other relationships that they may have in their lives.

A relationship coach also helps their client in achieving goals within their relationships such as developing boundaries, improving their communication skills, and understanding the concept of assertiveness.  You will also need to help your client with their listening skills as well being able to ask a person important questions and having a presence with that particular person.

Through all of this, your client will then develop skills that will help them gain confidence as well as create long-lasting, healthy relationships with others.

It is important that a relationship coach has experience with making and developing their own healthy relationships as well as has a passion for helping their own clients to create their own healthy and productive relationships.  So if you have experienced yourself with relationships and have found the balance and skill to creating healthy relationships then becoming a relationship coach may be the right life coach speciality you want to check in to.

Career Coach

A career coach is someone that helps others to regain the love and enjoyment that they may have lost in their chosen career path or they can also help others to find the courage to transform into a new career path.

When it comes to career coaching there are a few things that your client will expect such as good listening skills so that they can talk out their own ideas or thoughts, good planning skills so that they have a clear path for taking their career to a higher level, an understanding insight so that they can get an understanding of what type of person they are and what

career-best suits them, editing and interviewing skills so that they can produce a compelling resume and prepare themselves for an upcoming interview, and prioritizing skills so that they can gain a balance between home life and work life.

It is a career coach’s job to help their client effectively regain a good outlook on their careers and helps them make doable goals that will help them progress in their specific area of work. When you are a career coach you have to play a big mentor role because most of your clients will be scared of the current state they are in their careers, so it is up to you to set them straight and guide them in the right career direction.

It is very important that you have additional training when it comes to becoming a career coach because there are many aspects that need to be discussed and acted on and you will need the proper training techniques and strategies to ensure that you can adequately help your client with their career problems.

Leadership Coach

A leadership coach helps others to develop good leadership skills.  This can be very beneficial for those who have their own businesses as well as others who are in charge of a certain amount of people.

Leadership can also be displayed in many aspects of their general life and a leadership coach will help them to find the right skills and strategies to build their leadership.

A leadership coach will have to find out what motivates their clients and what motivates the people that your client will be leading.  A leadership coach has to be passionate about their work as well because your client will be looking for the intensity in their leadership coach and you don’t want a lack of intensity displayed to your clients.

This is a very important key that anyone interested in becoming a leadership coach needs to keep in mind. You want to be a leader so that your client will in turn follow your leadership skills and practice them when it comes to their own leadership.

There are a few things that leadership coaches need to know such as how to identify the skills that your client already possesses when it comes to leadership as well as how to build more leadership skills with their current skills, they also need to know how to identify the real leaders in an organization and what values each possesses, and lastly a leadership coach should know how to provide their client with opportunities to grow as a leader without putting more stress or duties on their client.

A successful leadership coach will have traits such as skills in the field of leadership, confidence in their ability to communicate as well as an ability to be a leader, and a range of knowledge when it comes to the different approaches to leadership.

So if you yourself have any of the following traits and skills then becoming a leadership coach might just be the right career path you want to head to when it comes to becoming a life coach.

Spiritual Coach

A spiritual coach is someone who has the ability to tap into the center between both the coach and the client.  A spiritual coach can help their clients to act on emotions in their heart as well as support them to take action on the changes and incorporate their inner strength.

It is up to a spiritual coach to provide their client with an inner guidance system that wil let your client know what is best for them and can also help them in finding the purpose of their lives.

Realize that a successful spiritual coach doesn’t necessarily have to know more about spirituality than their client.  The important thing that a spiritual coach however should have is good spirituality themselves.

It is also important that a spiritual coach allows the spiritual part of themselves to guide their thoughts, actions, and their decisions, this way they can effectively coach their client with the right spiritual tools that not only work for you but can work for them as well.

There are also spiritual approaches to coaching that you will need to use such as developing their client’s intuition, having good boundaries, continually building their client’s integrity, and knowing the difference between intuitive information as well as judgment and opinions.

Realize that a spiritual coach is not a preacher of any sort and should never try to preach to their client.  Make sure that you stick with your client’s own religion and spiritual beliefs. Make sure that you do research to find out the right way to help your client spiritually through their own religion and beliefs to adequately help your client.

It is wise to get additional training for this type of coaching as you need to know the many aspects of a client’s spirituality and how to deal with clients needing spiritual coaching.

Mentor Coach

A mentor coach is someone that helps others and guides them into a healthy and safe direction in their life.  A mentor coach can cover many aspects of a person’s life where they need mentoring.  To be a mentor coach you have to have expertise in guidance as well as great coaching skills.

Becoming a mentor coach is generally not what many people start their life coaching careers with.  It takes a lot of knowledge and patience to be a mentor coach and is more for the seasoned life coach to tackle such an area of life.

There are a few things that a mentor coach should know such as how to manage your client and explore the consequences of their own decisions, how to provide your client with opportunities and how to use their new skills, as well as how to transform their own knowledge into their client giving them ideas and points that will lead their client to the results they are looking for.

Normally a mentor coach will have a few common traits such as a passion to share all of their wisdom in a particular area, has great confidence in themselves and their work, has great self-esteem that can be passed on to their clients, and someone who has expertise in their chosen area of mentoring.

Many mentor coaches also have mentor coaches of their own which helps them dramatically

in their efforts to help their own clients.  For a seasoned life coach, this is a very good area of practice to venture to with experience under your belt to share with your clients and to aid in their quest to live a better life.

Business Coach

A business coach is someone who helps a person who owns a business and needs inspiration or someone who owns their own business and needs help getting out of a fix. Many people look for business coaches to help guide them in the right direction so that their business in turn can become a success and not a complete failure.

It is very important for both the coach and client to be on the same level when it comes to this form of life coaching.  Realize that both you and your client want to see success in the business and you need to make sure that your client follows all of the strategies and skills that you teach them so that their business can grow and prosper.

A business coach is similar to a business consultant, however, there are some differences between the two. Where business consultants are problems solvers, business coaches are more of people developers.  A business coach wants the person that is seeking business coaching to realize that it takes them to make the business what it is and what it will be. And a business coach can also be a business consultant.

Business consultants also mainly focus on the profit of the business whereas a business coach focuses primarily on the potential that the business has to make a profit and strategies and goals that a business can achieve by using certain skills and tactics.

Business consultants also help a client to succeed in their job whereas business coach covers both becoming successful in their job and also in their life generally.  A business coach will also help the client learn how to score more profits so that it will provide them a steady flow of profits for years to come.

Becoming a business coach does require you to have good knowledge about business and owning a business so it is very wise to receive additional education to better prepare and teach your client.

Communication Coach

A communication coach is much like a relationship coach.  Although a communication coach deals solely with communication skills.  This can mean communication skills between spouses, other family members, coworkers, friends, and even the general public.

This type of coaching is usually sought out by individuals who have a barrier or problem as to why they have communication problems.  This is why it is so important for a communication

coach to become a good listener and also have the ability to ask questions, especially the tough ones.

A communication coach should have good communication skills themselves and be able to identify the reasons why your client has the communication barrier that they are experiencing.

Because communication goes along with relationships many communication coaches will invite others in their therapy to better understand the communication barriers that their client and the recipient are having.

A communication coach will also display helpful tips and strategies that will help their client successfully create good communication with others as well as relationships that come about in the future.

There are a lot of aspects to communication and it is very important that a communication coach understands every aspect of communication and know-how to teach a client the proper techniques and strategies to improve their life and communication with others.

Financial Coach

A financial coach is someone who helps others that may be in a financial crisis or someone who needs organization and balance to help better their financial situations.  For this form of life coaching, it is important that the coach themselves are well educated and knowledgeable of finances.  Different courses and programs are available to help life coaches for this particular speciality.

Financial coaches will help their clients effectively manage their finances and find where they originally went wrong.  Financial coaches are also looked upon as problem solvers.

Although financial coaches don’t actually fix the problem right away, they give their clients the skills and knowledge to fix the problem until fixed completely and then use the tactics learned to prevent them from getting into the financial strain they were put in.

It is very wise for a financial coach to help their client make a plan of action and a list of finances that they encounter each month. A financial coach will also show their client budgeting techniques and ways to keep their finances afloat without leaving their client spinning in the drain.

Many people, especially in this day and time, find themselves hiring financial coaches to help them in the economic shamble they are in.  This is why the demand for financial coaches is at an all-time high.

So if you know your finances and ways to effectively help others get their selves out of a fix then becoming a financial coach may just be your ticket to a rewarding and profitable career.

There are many different speciality life coaches and it is very important that you research and find the best type of life coaching area that best suits you and your preferences.  Make sure that you know a lot about that specific area of life coaching and that you can as much additional information as you can.

You can always find helpful tips, advice, tactics, and methods available online.  There are also many different courses and programs available that will help you in your life coaching career.

Once you have chosen a specific area of life coaching that you want to start your career in, your next step is finding the resources to make you the most successful out of your career. You can do this in many ways such as attending helpful life coaching seminars and attending online courses or related courses and programs available at your local college or university.

Life coaching can be a very rewarding a profitable career to start and can effectively be run all from the comfort of your own home.  So now that we have gone over the specialities of life coaching, let’s take a look at the next steps that we need to take to become a successful and rewarding life coach!

Coaching / Service Business Resources

Helpful Life Coaching Seminars and Courses

After you have chosen the specific area of life coaching you want to start your career in, it is now time to gain as much helpful information about your career as possible.  There are many helpful seminars that can provide you with helpful information from other successful life coaches.

You can find these seminars at your local colleges and universities as well as seminars hosted online.  Many life coaches will host a teleseminar where you can watch the entire seminar in the comfort of your own home and you are given the ability to interact by asking questions that you might have.

Many life coaches find these seminars to be very informative and helpful because they gain extra advice, techniques, and tactics that they can use with their own clients.  As with any business learning from someone that has already “been there and done that” is one of the most effective tools to becoming successful in any line of business.

There are also many popular life coaches that have literature available for those who are more of contextual learners.  Many of these books will give you helpful tips and ideas as the live teleseminars have and have been written by a life coach that has expressed their own experiences and skills that they needed to see success in their business.

Apart from seminars, you can also attend courses and programs available at your local college or university. Many of the classes you can circulate around your busy schedule will be offered both through the day and night classes.

When you complete one of these accredited courses you will receive a certificate of completion which can also be added to your resume.  This in turn provides your client with the assurance that you know how to adequately help them with their problems as well as gives your client trust in you that you can fix their problems effectively.

Colleges and universities also provide courses specifically for coaching purposes and help you learn the right and effective ways to coach someone.  There are many skills and techniques that can be learned and used when coaching a client, so many life coaches find this to be a very beneficial course to take.

Many of your colleges and universities will also provide classes and courses covering the business aspect of your career.  Realize that when you start your own life coaching career that not only will you need to know the skills and techniques to help your client but also the

business aspect of your career.  For those of you who haven’t had any business experience, this would be a great course to take part in and very beneficial to your growing business.

Many people find it more of a convenience to take courses online. There are tons of courses and programs available online that are accredited and will also provide you with a certification of completion.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to have a certification or additional training in the field of life coaching.  However, the added certifications and extra knowledge will definitely spark your profits and your popularity among clients.  Think of it this way, would you pay for someone to teach you something if they didn’t know every aspect of that particular area.  Me neither!

Plus getting the extra education about that particular area will help you better teach your clients and will also make your job a lot easier with new ideas, techniques, and methods that you may not have known and tried yourself.

Many life coaches that have opted out of the additional training have still found success, however, they also feel that they would have reached the peak of their success quicker with the right amount of training initially.  So keep this in mind when you are deciding to become a life coach and how much the extra training can help your career in the long run.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular courses and programs available at your convenience online.

The Institute For Life Coach Training

Originally founded in 1998, The Institute For Life Coach Training has helped thousands of life coaches achieve both their dreams of helping others and their success in their careers.  The Institute For Life Coach Training is one of the leading institutes that provide adequate coach training as well as web-accessible resources to increase your education in the field of life coaching.

The Institute For Life Coaching offers two different program paths that you can take, the credentialing path and the speciality path.  There are some differences between the two paths so it is very important that you find out which path best suits you.  With the credentialing path, the coach is geared more towards the fast completion of the course.  This path is also geared towards the credentialing of your coaching.  Many life coaches choose to take this path initially and then progress into the speciality path to better their life coaching skills in a particular area.

With the speciality path, the coach is geared more towards finding out the specific skills needed for a particular area of coaching such as relationships, leadership, financial crisis’, family matters, wellness, etc.  In this path, you will learn important skills and techniques to help your client in your particular area of life coaching practice.

They also provide courses for current life coaches to expand their knowledge and skills.  After you have gone through one of their career paths you will receive a certificate of completion and can also be certified through the CEU.

Another great thing about The Institute For Life Coaching is that they provide their clients with additional resources.  You can purchase learning guides that will help you throughout your career in many different forms such as books, videos, newsletters, and audios.  The Institute For Life Coaching is truly a great place to start your life coaching career and a great benefit to the success of your business.

Holistic Learning Center

Holistic Learning Center was first founded in 1977 and has grown to be one of the leading centres to help life coaches with additional training and education in the many fields of life coaching.

There are two different ways you can start your life coach training, independently or interactively.  For those who learn better by reading and using their own materials by themselves, you need to partake in the independent route of training.

For those who are more of an interactive learner and need to be shown rather than read what to learn, you need to partake in the interactive route of training.

Holistic Learning Center also offers an “A La Carte” Life Coach Consultants program where you can gain additional education in the field of life coaching even after you have got your coaching certifications.

As with any business you need to grow yourself for your business to be able to grow. So taking this helpful course will ensure that you stay up to date with new ideas and strategies to make your career easier and more effective for both you and your clients.

Holistic Learning Center also provides its students with additional resources and programs that can become a bit pricey but are well worth the investment when it comes to how much your business can increase just by knowing every aspect of the business.  Additional resources such as eBooks, videos, CDs, and even mp3s are readily available to increase your knowledge in life coaching and also give you more tips and strategies to better your skills and coaching techniques.

Although these extra resources can become a bit pricey, they do however work with you on setting up a payment plan that will fit your budget and still gives you the knowledge and materials you need to succeed in your goals of becoming a life coach.  Many courses and programs don’t offer this luxury, so make sure that if you are deciding to attend one of the accredited classes through Holistic Learning Center that you partake in the easy payment method to better fit your financial needs.

Another great thing about the Holistic learning Center is that they provide their students with toll-free help anytime they need it. So if you are stumped on a particular textbook or don’t quite understand a portion of the literature you are reading you can call in and get one on one help to help you better understand the material.

A lot of their programs also let you work at your own pace, which is an added plus for those of you who run a busy schedule.  Many life coaches have found instant success using the Holistic Learning Center programs and courses and find that it not only makes them better life coaches but better business owners as well.


CTI has been training coaches for more than 20 years and has certified more than 35,000 coaches successfully.  Another great benefit to choosing CTI is that they offer a guarantee with their services.  CTI is centred on making sure that you get the utmost training and that you receive the most up to date information needed to make you a success in your career of life coaching.

You can also become certified with the CPCC, Certified Professional Coactive Coach, which is a highly accredited company that is recognized by many organizations as the number one certification for life coaches.

During the coach training program, you will learn every aspect of coaching through a 12 month period.  During the course, you will learn the fundamentals of coaching, the fulfilment of coaching, the balance of coaching, the process of coaching, the synergy of coaching, and finally the preparation, tips, and skills needed to acquire your certification.

Keep in mind that the pricing for these specific programs can be a bit pricey, however, they do offer payment plans as well as other payment options to make it easier on you while you are learning your skills and knowledge in the life coaching field.

The CTI website is very informative and will let you in on every aspect of the entire program. They also offer additional resources so that you and your business can grow and prosper.

The training that you receive with this particular organization is at the utmost perfection and was created by successful coaches on a level that virtually anyone could understand.

You will find this particular institute a great choice when it comes to life coaching training and should be researched so that you know what courses and programs are available for future educational purposes as well.

All of the programs listed above are very beneficial in making sure that you know what you need to know to become a successful life coach.  It is very wise to get as much training as possible for you and your business and will dramatically help in your efforts to effectively train and teach your client the right way.

As with any profession you need to have these tools available to better your scope of practice and with these leading institutes, you are sure to get everything you need and more when it comes to life coaching!

Before choosing a program to go with making sure that you do an adequate amount of research to ensure that you are choosing the best program and career path for you.

You also want to make sure that you dedicate yourself 100%.  This will ensure that you learn everything there is to know about your career and will also help you understand the right methods and skills needed to teach your clients.  Remember that the more you know about your profession the easier it will be to teach and mould your clients the way that your services are intended.

Plus with a helpful certification and training, you can be sure that your clients will grow more trust in your services and your business.  Although these can be pretty pricy programs, you need to keep in mind that with every type of profession there are additional fees for added education and knowledge in that field.  However, by paying the price to learn the material you are helping yourself and your business in the long run.

So if you are interested in becoming a life coach make sure that you check into extra training to make sure that you become the best of the best life coaches!

The Coaching Academy


Your coach training with TCA will always be instructive, informative and enjoyable safe in the knowledge that the team of trainers are hand-picked from the cream of the UK’s finest coaches. They are not just excellent coach trainers, but all have a coaching business themselves and bring with them a wealth of experience and qualifications.

The Coaching Academy offers several professional coaching certifications, including Life Coaching, Small Business Coaching, Corporate Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Education-based Coachings. We also offer a number of specialized coaching courses on various topics as well as a variety of CPD courses for existing coaches.

Upon successful completion of the training, The Coaching Academy offers membership of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and graduates are also able to join coaching associations in their own countries.

The coaching profession is growing rapidly all over the world and coaching is now being used extensively in businesses, government, education and many other areas. Coaching can be applied to any area of life where people want to make changes and achieve their goals.

Inspired University

Inspired University is a Business and coaching training organisation that is dedicated to personal and business growth.


So, what is a service business coach? As you can see, there are many different types of coaches and the industry is growing rapidly. If you’re interested in becoming and creating a service business like a life coach or finding one to help you with specific challenges in your life, do some research on the different coaching programs available. The best way to find out if coaching is for you is to take a course or seminar and try it out. There are many helpful courses offered by reputable organisations that will give you the skills and tools necessary to be an effective coach and run a profitable service business you can be proud of.

If you want help starting, maintaining or growing an online business, get in touch – I’d be happy to chat with you about your options.

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