Scarcity Nonsense

I only have 4 spots let 

I only have 3 places left on my coaching program 

Its only 97p normally £300 

If you don’t take action now it will cost you xx

It’s all just digital noise when it’s not used in an authentic way. 

All these tactics are designed to get you to take action and hack out procrastination, which can be useful but most of the time they are used as scare tactics. But when used authentically it’s a good thing. 

For example If you are doing one to one coaching there is only a certain number of people that you will be able to maintain at any given moment in time. Add in a bit of technology and you may be able to deal with a few more though things like zoom. Same goes for group coaching. Then also your skill level comes into play over time you’ll be able to work with more but just depends where you are. 

So saying something like Only 3 places left is nonsense when realisitcly you can only work with eg 8 people (deepening on your skill) if its a webinar then yes more people can listen in, but if its live mentoring can you really deal with 30 people in one hour , especially if they ask lots of questions? 

So if ou can only work with 8 people for example then why not just say I can only work with 8 people? 

The same funnels steps that where being used 12 years ago are still being used today. The only thing that changed is the mechanisms by which it’s delivered, technology changes and advances and new things come about. 

However human problems seem to stay the same, money issues, weight issues, health issues, relationship issues, spiritual issues == Evergreen. 

The key is to solve a problem… and in the end the key is the same, you end up empowering others to take charge of their own life and take responsibility. It just so happens that we need help along the way. Some will hinder us, some will take form us and some will give back. Who comes where is in alignment to your mindset and life actions. 

Train others and they will be able to reach out some more. They could be in your team so its a team working together or you may licence them to teach and train others. 

Turn your knowledge into an online courses then you can to scale further. But it’s only helpful for those who actually do the course. Some people just need human interaction. 

The thing then becomes about marketing and they way you go about doing it. Some people make tones of noise, some people remain humble. Some people will help you and some will not. The intention may be there but not everyone is able to help everyone, therefore the universe has a filtering process and eventually you will end up helping those that you can help and are meant to be help or served by you. If you can’t help them, then refer them on to others who can. Have an abundant mindset. 

The ups and downs along the way are there to help you along. Your vibe will attracts your tribe as they say. 

There are many factors that come into play. Your personality traits, ones persona, the way the message is constructed but more so if the message actually resonates with the people you want to work with. Because if it does, no amount of Scarcity will hinder you, because you’ll be drawn to what you are seeking in your current moment with your current mindset, mood and journey. 

Be genuine in how you use Scarcity

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