Maximize Your Impact: Expert Revenue Strategies for Authors, Coaches & Consultants with Janet Switzer



Welcome to another episode of the Digital Rapport® Master Series Podcast, where we dive deep into the minds of world-class experts in communication, connection, and marketing. Today, I am honoured to welcome Janet Switzer, a revenue-generating powerhouse who has been the driving force behind some of the biggest names in the coaching, training, and authoring world.

With over 30 years of experience, Janet has worked with legends like Les Brown, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Yanik Silver, and Lisa Nichols, just to name a few. As the New York Times bestselling co-author and marketing strategist behind The Success Principles book, Janet has helped millions of readers in over 100 countries and 41 languages transform their lives.

In this exclusive interview, we’ll be exploring Janet’s journey and her unique insights into the world of coaching, consulting, and content marketing. We’ll discuss the importance of rapport in communication and connection and how she’s mastered this art to differentiate herself in the crowded expert space.

We’ll also delve into Janet’s perspective on being an expert, thought leader, and change maker, and uncover the best advice she has for both new and established experts. Plus, we’ll get a glimpse into the future of marketing, as Janet shares her predictions for the next decade in our rapidly changing, AI-driven world.

From foundational marketing principles and ideas for boosting revenue and profits, to the most efficient and simple marketing concepts for coaches and authors, Janet will reveal techniques she wishes more of today’s marketers would embrace and what they should avoid.

In our conversation, Janet will share her insights on:

  • How rapport and connection have evolved in the digital age
  • The importance of differentiating yourself as a coach or consultant
  • Essential Marketing principles to boost Revenue and profits
  • How to effectively establish yourself as an expert, thought leader, and change maker
  • The best advice for new and existing experts in the field
  • Identifying fantastic niches and implementing AI in marketing strategies

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