How To Use Realistic AI Voice To Tell Powerful Stories Using Text-To-Speech Software in 2024

In this podcast episode, I share a dream I had but narrated using AI voice generation with text-to-speech software. You won’t believe this is not real as it sounds like a professional audiobook recording. But its AI

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When The Student Becomes a Master and The Master Ascends – A Story Told Using AI Voice

This Story is a short story which explores the dynamics between a student and his teacher and how one’s pride can stop one from ascending to the next level. But when the realisation is realised there is a lesson for both sides and it doesn’t always play out the way we think it will. 

AI Generate Voice

AI or advanced computing can be used to create a voice which sounds real. This technology is only going to get better and better and I wanted to share how this tech could be used to tell stories.

There are other applications of this technology such as faceless youtube channels as well as podcasts. Or you can create audiobooks and online courses with professional sound voices. 

There is also the dark side of this technology aka deep fake where the person on the screen appears to be real but is computer generated. Combine this with voice modulation and there is a big risk of potential fake information. It means we have to be very careful what we choose to consume in the future.

So to showcase how this AI voice tech can be used for fun and entertainment. Enjoy

What is Text-to-speech software?

Text-to-speech software is a type of speech synthesis application that converts text into spoken voice output. TTS software can be used to read aloud digital books, websites, documents, and other electronic text files. It can also be used to create audio files for use in multimedia applications such as presentations, e-learning courses, and video games.

There are a variety of text-to-speech software programs available on the market today. Some of the more popular ones include NaturalReader, ReadPlease, and Ivona Text-to-Speech. These programs offer a variety of features and options that allow users to customize the way they want their text read aloud. For example, users can choose the voice, speed, and inflection of the TTS software’s output.

Text-to-speech software can be a valuable tool for people with visual impairments or other reading disabilities. It can also be used by busy professionals who need to have text read aloud but do not have the time to do so themselves. TTS software can also be used for entertainment purposes, such as creating audio books or adding voice-overs to video games.


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