The Power is in the Words…..

….. or is it?

Lets face it on the logical level any message written , emailed, texted or blogged about is essentially plain text. It has no meaning in it self. Only when you read the words and what those words mean to you as the reader, the message makes sense. However as everyone will relate to words in different ways, the reader and the writer could have meant something in different ways, based on ones own perception on the meaning they give to a words.

Example: You work in a place where you deal with people from different parts of the world. Some people will have English as their native language and some will not. Some will be more fluent and others will not. People who may not have a proper or full grasp of the English language as one example, may be direct in the way they write. Others will be more relaxed.

What can end up happening is that the reader will add their own feelings and emotions to the message and could end up giving it a different meaning or blowing it out of proportion.

We basically end up creating/adding our own thoughts to a plain text message which could be experienced in many different ways depending on our own mood.

A message such as……..  “Get out of here!”  could mean many things, but depending on your mood or how your own brain relates to you will add extra bits to its context and possibly make it seem more or less then what it is.

The moral of the story is, you will add your own bits to a message based on many things, ie if you know the person, then perhaps you will bring their persona into mind and think how that person would say it and you see it in your mind as that, or if you don’t know a person  then you might make up a voice in your own head of what you think that person sounds like? You might have just watched a move that got you in a mushy mood so you may read the message from a place of joy, happiness or sadness.

The words and their meanings will differ for different people, bare this in mind as you never know how people will react to the words you use based on their current mode…. Interesting

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