Start and Grow Your Own Podcast

Learn how you can podcast like a pro. Ideal for anyone wanting to start their own podcast. This is a great way to supercharge your podcast from the get go or improve on what you currently have

  • Podcasting Topics
  • Preparing for your podcast
  • Getting Setup to Podcast
  • Marketing Your Podcast
  • Leveraging Your Podcast
  • How to Monetise Your Podcast
  • Simple Content Shortcuts
  • Podcasting Do's and Don'ts
dr podcasting - how to start a podcast

Start and Supercharge Your Podcast 

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Want to Start or Grow Your Podcast?

Looking for a simple to follow guidance? 

Then this course is for you. Bite sized easy to follow sections to kick start your blogging Journey. 

The Learning Objectives:

  • Choose what to talk about in your podcast so you can get focused and create a unique angle that appeals to your target audience 
  • Identify a plan for your podcast so you can go in fully prepared and not waste precious time
  • Implement the essential equipment, tech and software you need before you start so you can go from recording through to hosting and storage without any problems
  • Pinpoint the best ways to market your podcast so you can reach your target listeners
  • Leverage your podcast and make it work for your business so you can turn your downloads into sales
  • Evaluate different ways to monetize your podcast and decide if any will work for you, even if you are offering it for free
  • Repurpose your podcasts so that you can produce more content in different formats that appeal to your audience
  • Adopt best practice guidelines so that you can create a great podcast right from the beginning
  • Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps, so you can achieve the goals you set for this course

Whats Covered In The Modules?

This course is broken down into 9 major modules to take you step-by-step through all the basics you need to know to get started podcasting.

The modules follow a logical order, so while you can skip around if you want, it’s best to work through them one at a time.

As you go through each module, use your Action Guide to help you complete the Action Steps at the end of each.

dr podcasting - how to start a podcast

Module 1 – Podcasting Topics: What to Talk About

A good podcast needs a focus. It needs to be about something specific, so the more narrowly focused, the better. A high-profile celebrity can get away with having a podcast about themselves and improvising, but as a marketer, you can't. Your podcast needs a unique angle because this is what resonates with your listeners and keeps them tuned in.

Module 2 – Preparing for Your Podcast

Expert podcasters and radio broadcasters can just hit record and bang out an entertaining and informative podcast. But you're not an expert podcaster (yet), so you need to prepare well. If you don't, you'll find yourself starting over again and again, and you’ll waste precious time. Eventually, you will become a pro and it won't take so much preparation.

dr podcasting - how to start a podcast
dr podcasting - how to start a podcast

Module 3 – Getting Set Up to Podcast

When you're preparing to podcast, you need to get set up with the gear and software you need. But there are other important preparations as well that are just as critical as the tech considerations.

Module 4 – Marketing Your Podcast: How to Get Listeners

Once you start posting podcasts online, you'll want people to listen to them. There are many ways to market podcasts online and most of them are free and easy to do. Start by telling everyone on all of your marketing channels and sharing your podcast link. You can embed your podcasts on your website or blog and share them on social media and your email list. It's best to start with the community you already have before branching out.

dr podcasting - how to start a podcast
dr podcasting - how to start a podcast

Module 5 – Leveraging Your Podcast to Benefit Your Business

Podcasting is fun to do, but once your show is up and running, you need to start leveraging it for your business. Whether you're using it for lead generation, product promotion, or as a monetisation strategy by itself, you need to turn all of those downloads into sales. Here are some ways to take your podcast to the next level.

Module 6 – How to Monetise Your Podcast

It's not at all necessary to monetise a podcast. Most podcasters use their shows to drive traffic, build an audience, build relationships, and gain exposure. Naturally, more people will download and share a free podcast. However, even if you offer a free podcast, there are ways for you to make money.

dr podcasting - how to start a podcast
dr podcasting - how to start a podcast

Module 7 – Simple Content Shortcuts: Repurposing Your Podcasts to Create New Content

Like all of the content you produce, your old podcasts can be repurposed to create completely new content that you can use again. Here are several ideas for reusing your audio content.

Module 8 - Podcasting Do's and Don’ts

Podcasting is a great way to reach your audience. It can be used to gain exposure, build relationships, and brand yourself as an expert. Here are some basic guidelines for running a good podcast.

dr podcasting - how to start a podcast

Who This is Not For

  • People who dont want to create their own content
  • People who want quick results
  • People who bounce around from thing to the next shiny object
  • Anyone who is not serious about growing their business  
  • Any one who is afraid to make decisions or take action
  • Someone who is just an information collector
  • Someone who jumps from one training to another 
  • Someone who will not follow through on anything
  • Someone who is not commited, like to complain and make excuses

Who This is For

  • People who are willing to put in the work and commit to a long term organic strategy
  • Business owners who want to learn and create content that attracts 
  • You want to fix a problem you have now and supercharge your website
  • You are willing to make an investment in yourself and your business
  • You are committed to taking action
  • You area serious about getting the results you deserve
  •  You want to get results now
  • You are seeking experienced guidance and support
  • People who are serious about treating their website like a business and not a hobby
  • Willing to put the time and energy into content creation

Are you ready to start your own podcast now?

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by some of the technical jargon or think that you need to purchase all the high-end equipment right away. If you have a microphone and some free recording software, you’re already set up and can start recording right away.

Start by walking through the startup checklist. Your first podcast will be the most difficult, but it will get easier and easier each time until your podcasting is second nature. 

- how to start a podcast

In life and business it's best to conserve both energy and time which are the two crucial components in creating an efficient flow. Aim to become economical in the way you run your business and work flow and realise that the simplest things work best.

When you create efficiency with a direct approach you create simplicity in your business. 

  • Be Efficient  - Quickest path from point A to Point B
  • Direct Path - Cut though the digital noise
  • Keep It Simple - Without ornamentation

Jatinder Palaha - Award winning IT Consultant, Digital Strategist, Author and Personal Development Enthusiast.

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