Perception Is Your Deception

Updated: How freaky, this original post just the text of the poem was added to the site on 5th April 2011 then 9 years later on 5th April 2020 I created the video. 

“Perception is your deception for you do not see the world in totality. You think you do but are deceived because your conditioning filters out full reality

No two people experience the same thing because the formation of your physiology occurs so differently.

Different experiences, different environments wire up differently the neuropathways that make up your neurology.

Your thoughts, are they yours? or are they just influences of society?

Strip away those illusions for they are not real, they’re just make believe, like an actor acting to form and create another perception of some other deception.

Know how you are influenced. Know how you can become free. Know the extent of your perception or the degree of your conditioning and see reality in its full glory.”

17/12/2006 – (c) Jatinder Palaha, Multiple Streams of Inspiration 2

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