Multiple Streams of Inspiration

When a dream becomes a reality it is hard to explain the feeling, when a dream becomes a reality can anyone else grasp how you feel? Is that moment unique in the universe or do others also feel what you feel? Maybe they do or maybe they don’t? Maybe the moment it is unique because no one else may be sharing it with you at that time unless they are in which case the feeling is probably amplified. However, due to the way we grow as humans and the conditioning we acquire along the way, our neuropathways are never the same as the next person, therefor can we really feel the way someone else does?

I want to share this dream reality with you, I always knew it would happen and with the mighty grace of the universe it has!

Let me present to you my co-authored book – Multiplestreams of inspiration vol 2 (MSOI2).

Msoi2 – “A Collection From Some Of The Sharpest Minds Of Our Time! Get Ready To Be Inspired As You Experience These Life Enhancing Streams Of Inspiration!”

I am honored and humbled to be along side some great minds: Johnny Wimbrey, Ellie Drake,Vernice Armour,Bobby Minor, Matt Morris, President and CEO, Jose De La Torre Jr,Daniel Lister,Elaine Powell,Nik Halik,Gerald Walker,Diana McKenzie ,Soojay Devraj,Rebecca Lennox ,Dion Johnson , Kalpesh Patel, Phil Joyce, Angel Carr, Jacklyn Ker, Kissmea Naude, Waheeda Aziz , Paul P. Clarke , Stephen Metcalfe, Jatinder Singh Palaha.

With Authors from around the globe this book truly has an international flavor about it. Inspiration, motivation, knowledge – something for everyone.

Multiplestreams of inspiration vol 2 (MSOI2).

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