Mood Mastery – How To Monitor and Regulate Your Mood and Emotions.

In this episode, I’m on one of my walks and pondering another deep topic – Mood Mastery. We often talk about mind mastery or how to master your mind but this is such a big topic. The mind is a massive topic. But a step toward mastery is the topic of Mood Mastery. How does one master their mood? 

Your mood can be different from moment to moment but how often does one tune into this and monitor / regulate one’s mood and emotions? 

If having a dream can alter your state and influence your mood as you wake up and for the whole day then why do we not check into this on regular bases? Getting present and asking the right questions can help you solve problems but only if you ask the right types of questions. 

So asking what influences your mood can help you tune in to uncover hidden truths which you may not be aware of. With questions, monitoring your mood and emotions and understanding where your experience comes from can help you regulate a healthy mood. Which in turn can help you be more productive and creative. 

So in this episode, I talk about this topic and the types of questions we can ask in order to uncover why you may be in a certain type of mood. Master your mood and you are a step closer to mastering your mind. 

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