Mobile Video

When it comes to video marketing it now makes sense to add mobile video into the mix. After all most people own at least one type of mobile device. Don’t miss out on this potential traffic source by not having mobile friendly videos.

Using Apps can really help you market your videos across mobile platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Apps.

Vine is a really popular one, and is Twitter’s mobile Video App.  Vine provides you with six second looping videos. This means they are easy for people to view and share. Use Vine in your business by creating short announcements, product launches, and even a quick tour behind the scenes of your business.

Socialcam is another popular App that has no length restrictions. Many business owners are using this to help record portions of their business behind the scenes and then sharing it with their customers.

Viddy is App that works on both the iPhone and on Android phones. It is very easy to use and creates videos that you can share. Viddy allows you to post 15 second videos, follow other members and to be followed. Viddy also integrates with Open Graph which means that you can post to Facebook.

Videolicious is an App that allows to create videos and then turn them into a film. This is achieved by using built in video features in the App. Once created you can easily share your work of art across multiple platforms at one time. Many Realtors love using this App for their business.

One reason that more mobile users are watching videos now more than ever is because they can use free Wi-Fi connections. This way they don’t have to worry about going over their monthly data plan limit.

Mobile users who use public transport are perfect candidates for watching videos as well. Keep in mind that mobile users are on the move and busy. This is why you want to keep your videos short, so they are easy to watch quickly.

If you can learn to create short videos that convey your brand or message you should see success with marketing to mobile users. Think of ways that you can condense your elevator pitch into a video and use that.

It is predicated that mobile devices will become the most common way for people to connect to the internet. If your business doesn’t accommodate this you could be losing out on a ton of traffic.

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