How To Scale A Low Ticket Product Funnel – Blueprint Inside

This is awesome content about low ticket products. It’s the kind of content that will not only give you insights but if implemented get you results too. I wanted to share (With permission) this email I received from my good friend Jon Street. In this post, he shares how you can scale a low ticket product funnel. I eco his thoughts and views and could not have written it any better. What’s fabulous is the embedded psychology in regards to low ticket product funnels and how he unpacks this for you. This is a great read (as I rest from not having to write any content today lol).

This is a long, detailed blueprint – but it’s gold…

Last week I spoke about a low ticket product funnel I created…

What is a low ticket product?

Low ticket product is when you sell something for under a hundred dollars.

It’s generating between 1.5-2K per day on average in sales.

I explained, however, that even though there was profit in that return from online ads…

It’s rarer than a wombats wingnut to profit on a low ticket funnel these days due to ad costs and competition.

Instead, the goal is to break even on your ad spend (get back what you put in) and build a big audience or customer list you can sell to again and again and again over time.

In other words, the real money in the business is made over time by marketing to the customers and audience you build – not immediately.

In fact, I recently heard a top digital marketing expert say that if you are profiting on your low ticket product front end funnel – you’re not advertising as hard as you could and should be.

That’s the mindset of a professional.

A player.

Someone who goes about business with a strategic approach.

Whilst the amateur will think if something “only” breaks even then things aren’t working.

Now with that in mind let me explain how I recently got a low ticket funnel to work and provide some tips for any low ticket funnels you might set up in the future.

Let’s get started…

low ticket product
How To Scale A Low Ticket Product Funnel - Blueprint Inside 1


First off let me make some definitions clear for you…

Your front-end funnel is what you use to acquire a lead and/or customer.

It’s what someone see’s as soon as they click on your ad and go through your sales process.

Your back-end funnel is what happens in the days and weeks after someone has initially got on your list or bought from you.

So front end is used to get a lead and/or customer…

Back end is the offers made in the days/weeks/months after that.

To find out what is a sales funnel click here.

Step One – Figure Out The Back End Offers

I’m about to give you a HUGE tip here…

Figure out what you are going to sell on the back end FIRST.

See, you want to bring in people who are likely to buy your back end product(s) or service(s), or that of someone else you are promoting, because that’s where the real money is made.

So you want to figure out “what is it that I will sell over time to this list I am going to build?”.

Can be your product or service or someone else’s that you can get paid to promote.

Higher end products or services…

Membership sites or continuity programmes…

Coaching…consulting…retreats…done4u services…whatever…

Figure out what the back end offer is going to be FIRST because this is what your business really is.

Can’t stress that enough.

Step Two – The Unturndownable Ad Offer

Once you know what your back end offer is going to be it’s time start to really get into the shoes of the person who would buy that and then brainstorm…

What could you offer that person for 7-10 dollars that would seem such insane value they’d feel a fool to turn it down if it was offered to them?

See here’s what we want to do…

We want to run ads to our ideal prospects and include the price in the ad itself.

But we want the price to be so low, and the promise so valuable, it becomes an impulse buy.

So let’s say I’m a social anxiety coach and my back end is one-to-one coaching.

My ad might say…

“Struggling with social anxiety? Listen to this cutting edge twenty minute audio once a day for the next 30 days and you’ll find an inner peace and confidence that you didn’t know was possible. 30 day guarantee. Only $7. Click here”.

Now, I could write a better ad than that but I want you to notice a few things…

Firstly I am calling out my ideal prospect (people with social anxiety)…

Secondly I am making a promise of value to them (inner peace and confidence by listening to an audio)…

Third I am telling them the price…

Fourth I am removing risk with the guarantee.

This means they can basically make a buying decision by just reading the ad.

I repeat…

This means they can basically make a buying decision by just reading the ad.

In their head they can read the ad alone and start weighing things up…

“If it really did give me more inner peace and confidence that would be a bargain at that price…and if it doesn’t…well…it comes with a guarantee”.

What this means is that the people who click the ad are MUCH more likely to buy than if the ad mainly focused on curiosity and didn’t mention the price or that anything was even for sale.

With low ticket funnels, because there isn’t as much profit margin as a high ticket funnel, the last thing you want is tons of unqualified clicks on your ad.

Instead you only want to bring in people who are likely to buy – and the way you do that is by mentioning exactly what is on offer and how much it costs in the ad itself.

Step Three – Your Low Ticket Product Sales Page

Once people click on your ad they should be taken to a short sales page.

I haven’t got the space to walk you through all of what should be on it here but here’s an outline you can follow…

  • Headline of sales page is the same as your ad
  • Start of sales page talks about the problem they are struggling with
  • Ask them if they want a solution to that problem
  • Tell them why you understand their situation/and or why you are passionate about helping them.
  • Mention what the solution is you are offering
  • Tell a mini story about how you discovered this solution or why you developed it
  • Ideally provide proof it works (you might not have this at first but add it in once you do)
  • Ask them how much it would be worth to them to be without the problem
  • Tell them it will only cost them $xx
  • Provide some kind of money back guarantee
  • Tell them to click the order link and buy

You don’t want the sales page to be thousands and thousands of words long.

Remember – they clicked the ad because they want what is being offered.

You just need to tell em’ a little bit more and give em’ a chance to buy it.

Step Four – Order Bump

On the order form you want to offer what is called an “order bump“.

An order bump is a small box on a checkout page that offers them a chance to add something small to their existing order.

Something that is a great compliment to what they have just bought to buy.

Something that is similar but different.

For example, I could offer five extra but different audio tracks to people who buy my initial social anxiety one.

“Want to add this to your order? Access six different audio tracks that use cutting edge technology to rewire your socially anxious mind with calm. One for every night of the week! Only $12. Check this box to add these audios to your order”.

You want to price this just a little more than the initial offering.

So if the initial offer is seven bucks the order bump might be twelve or fifteen.

Step Four – Upsell Sequence

OK once someone has bought the initial offer, and possibly the order bump, they’re now in buying mode.

So offer em’ something else.

How can you solve their problem, in this case social anxiety, in a different way to how the initial offerings do?

How can you get them even easier/quicker results than if they only used the initial offerings?

I’ll give you an example…

I could offer a supplement that helps combat social anxiety as the upsell…

I could offer a simple tapping technique that floods the body with calm and takes just 30 seconds…

I could offer a visualisation method that made you feel bulletproof confidence…

Whatever it is that you offer at this point you MUST make it clear that what they have already bought will help them.

However if they want a faster/easier/ route to get there they might want to consider this option.


Here’s a brief upsell formula…

  • Thank them for buying
  • Congratulate them for taking action and tell them what a wise decision they have made
  • Explain they have what they now need to (whatever the ad promised).
  • However, if they want a quicker/easier route to (whatever they want) there’s something else they might be interested in
  • Tell them what the product you are offering is and the benefits of it
  • Explain why it compliments what they have already bought
  • Tell them the price and explain it usually costs more but as they are a new customer you are offering them a special introductory price to build a rock solid relationship with them
  • Tell them this is the only time this is available (at this low price point – and never offer it to people at this price point again – be genuine)
  • Tell them there’s a guarantee
  • Tell them to click the link and sign up

Your upsell price should be charged more than what they initially bought.

3-5x more is a good ballpark but it can be more than that.

If they buy that you can, if you wish, make one other upsell offer after that.

But don’t be a dick and put someone in an endless series of upsells and downsells because they will likely despise you and not end up opening any of your future emails and buying from the back end (which, remember, is the whole point!).

The Goal So You Can Scale – Make Back Equal Or More Than Your Ad Spend

The goal of this funnel is to be able to pay for ads so you can send traffic to that sales page and between the initial offer, the order bump and the upsell(s) you make back equal or more than your ads cost.

If you can do that you can essentially buy an audience/customers, without ever being out of pocket, and build a big list that you can lead to your back end offers where the REAL money in a business is.

Reality Check

I want to make something clear…

It’s TOUGH to get something low ticket like this to work and nigh on impossible to get it all working straight out the gate.

Chances are you will have to test and tweak things.

For example you might find your initial offer sells well…

…but not enough people take your order bump and/or your upsell which means your AOV isn’t higher than your CPA and you can’t scale.

That’s fine.

All part of the process.

Now you focus on creating an order bump offer and upsell offer that does work.

This is a science.

You look where things aren’t working – and fix em’.

You don’t throw your hands up and have a hissy fit.

The top funnel and ad experts in the world have to test and tweak and see what people respond to.

You’re gonna have to as well.

Either accept that – or don’t run ads.

Also accept that, once you have something that works, things are gonna stop working at some point.

Technology might balls up or your ad might stop working after a few months.

Again – all part of the game compadre.

No one said business was meant to be easy (apart from the dickheads out there who want you to believe it is so they can take advantage).

And online ads definitely isn’t (never, EVER put money into online ads you can’t afford to lose).

But for me this is all a fun game.

It’s why I used to play Mario on my Nintendo…

It’s why I used to play Fifa on my Playstation…

It’s why I used to play sports till I got so old and creaky I need WD40 on my joints…

It’s a fun challenge.

I want challenges not easy rides.

You should too.

Because when you overcome challenges – the buzz is unreal!

So that’s it for today.

A long one but if you read and reread this you’ll understand more about the psychology of low ticket product funnels than most ever will!

If you enjoyed this and want more like this lemme know.

If I get enough responses I’ll dig in further!

Have a great weekend


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I hope you enjoyed this great read and took away top-quality tips. At the end of the day, our goal is to hack through the noise so you get a better understanding of how marketing can work online.

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