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World transformation day

World Transformation Day

When I first heard about the mastermind principle in Napoleon hils book Think And Grow Rich, I was in awe, I visualised a bunch of batteries put together where the more you add the more voltage they created were a the of magnetic way gets bigger and bigger with the more batterers you put together. 

It reminded me of the power of the sangat (congregation) and how in many places of worship hymns are sung in mass and there is the concept of an ardas (humble request) which is done at the end of a ceremony in a group where for example in the Sikh way of life a request is made to the universe for the well being of humanity (sansar)

And there have now been many stories of mass mediation being conducted by huge groups to help increase human consciousness. We they have reported back on crime levels being influenced for example .  I’ve even come across ancient texts which suggest that the balance of humanity can be tipped depending on which side of the tip you are on. 

Now think about that for a moment. We hear about critical mass , momentum, tipping points. In any moment when critical mass is reached it can have mass trajectory altering affects. 

So when by friend Harinder told me about his project called world transformation day, I kind of got it right away. 

There was this moment when I thought hmm, can we really create a shift in the world??? Can this really be done. Can this little me, along with amazing buddies like Harinder actually create some cause and affect scenario?
So I sat back for a moment and let my mind just wonder. Wonder on that possibility and letting that question What if just arise? What if we could?  What if we could get enough people to join in on the vision and thinking and do something in a mass way, what kind of impact could be created?
Obviously when you start something, its new, there is no awareness about it but with consistency and time the message gets bigger and bigger especially when others connect with the common cause. This for example is the 2nd year for. And already there are people around the world doing some sort of activity to be part of this movement. Its kind of crazy. 

People putting on local workshops, helping create schools, going into areas and doing something to contribute to the community 

So Harinder said to me, why don’t you do something on world transformation day, why not create a video with an inspirational message?

Why not get out of your comfort and just do it?

So again I sat back and thought… yeah why not? 

I’ve never really done a video with some sort of personal development or mindfulness message, Something inspiring like this before. We’ll I hope something in this will connect with you and hopefully create some inspiration with in to also do something with transformational intentions. 

I had to step out of my comfort zone and do something. Where “do something” being the main acting words. 

So I thought, Why not for example spread the message of consideration and kindness. 

Things which people seem to be forgetting. It does not take allot to be considerate, open the door for someone, smile , say hello, just put those mobiles phones down and look into someone eyes with love and awe and say hello, I see you. Just take that moment to actually connect to your fellow human being. 

At the end of the day we’re all in this together. 
We’re on the same mother ship which travels around the sun for this 365 rotation. This is one amazing cruise ship. 

I remember once when I was thinking  how cool would it be to go a cruise with all your friends and family…..  then I realised I already am on one. 
Space is the ocean , this earth our ship. Its self sustained, we’re made up of the same elements earth, air, fire, water, metal.  

We are of nature, made by nature and will return back to nature one day. What happens after who knows, many will debate but does it matter because this form you have will never come back, its a statistically impossibility for this very same form you are to come back. 

All we do know is that energy is never wasted it just changes form. 

This version of you is one time, that’s the truth. When has the same form of something ever come back? Im not talking about so incarnations of past life memories. Im talking about the this unique form of who you currently are this body is one time. So make the most of it people . 

Remember each other, work with each other and share with each other. 

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