Why Do We Create Labels

Humans create labels to define an object, person or process. The label to some degree is needed in order for us to differentiate it from other things. If all things were blue, then there is no separation and we would not know anything else.

The separation illusion is created for an individual experience. But we are not just an individual but part of the collective which can either see it all or only choose to see the conditions created and thought.

The endless is all and duality lives within it, it creates the degrees of change within itself. Temperature is temperature but it is polarised by the degrees by which make it hot or cold and everything in between.

The pendulum swings, things move, things change and energy is never wasted, it just changes form and in a blink of an eye, the expression that is you and all you think and knows could be gone.

But where does it go? What does it transform into? Now I’m not talking about death, but the death of labels, limits and thoughts…. learn the art of dying… have a ponder on that my friend… pop the bubble of labels… then what is it to be?

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