How To Be Authentic and Be In Rapport With Oneself Interview with Kalpesh Patel

Interview: How To Be Authentic and Be In Rapport With Oneself with Kalpesh Patel


Isn’t it interesting how being authentic may be seen as inauthentic by another?

Isn’t it interesting that in our worldview, when we express our values, those things may not be valued by others?

We all think we are right to some degree. By our own psychometric,  it is the case in our inner world as we make meaning of the experiences we have.

That doesn’t mean it makes the other person wrong. It just means that YOU may not understand the other person and therefore project your own thoughts onto the situation at hand.

So How can we better understand others and their worldview, thus ensuring better relationships and conversations with those we seek to care for and serve?

Join me on this journey as I speak to an international speaker, author, and master network marketer, Kalpesh Patel, as he shares how being authentic is being in rapport with oneself, and knowing how to express it the friction with others disappears.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The ability to connect with another human being
  • Being the best version of yourself and attracting others that represent who you are to make a bigger dent on the plant
  • Authentic rapport
  • How to tap into your inner self  and how to get connected with your truer self
  • Your relationship with what’s around you and your interaction with others
  • Reading and learning to learn about self and human behavior
  • Wisdom of the ages – we create our own reality
  • How you can choose to experience what happens to you with practice
  • Instant rapport
  • Be yourself and inspire others to be themself. self-expression
  • Influence a conversation
  • Authentic and transparent, hear where people are at, search inside and express it
  • Sharing yourself in a way that can help others find the answer for themself
  • Being present allows for magical conversations to happen 
  • Understanding and being aware of NLP in how one can use it for communication and rapport
  • Marketing and fear of missing out
  • How Social media and this digital mindset can take away from building rapport in real life.
  • How you can use social media for positive difference and influence
  • Be careful on how experts are teaching people how not to be authentic on social media
  • Share your experience to enrich lifes. 
  • How Being authentic is being in rapport with yourself, know who you are and the friction disappears
  • How we get in our own way in building rapport.
  • Moving from noise head connection to authentic heart connection
  • Building rapport through network marketing and how it can be one of the best places to learn how to build rapport with people.
  • Get over fear, greed, desperation, remove noise and look for the transformation
  • Build relationships, build the people.

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