How Influencer Marketing Can 11x Your ROI

In this episode, I talk to Influencer marketing strategist Gordon Glenister, author of influencer marketing strategy and host of Influence the global podcast, shining a spotlight on the influencer marketing industry.


Gordon Glenister is the global head of influencer marketing at the Branded Content Marketing Association as well as being behind Pitch Influence, a global competition for the influencer industry.

He also runs a Facebook group called Influencer marketing secrets, and a weekly roundtable where he shares tips and tricks on Influencer marketing.

Gordon also runs his own influencer marketing programme to help thought leaders become more influential.


Topics covered

Influencer Marketing
  • What is influencer marketing
  • Who can be an influencer?
  • Why is it important?
  • How Influencers Have Transformed Modern Marketing
  • Inspiring, entertaining, educational content
  • The power of your story
  • Brand story
  • Digital / AI-Generated Influencers
  • Brand Influence
  • Content creators / Direct attribution
  • Influencers are the new retailers
  • Social commerce – selling products in a new way
  • Audience connection to influencer
  • Influencer – authentic – reliability – like attract like
  • Finding new markets with influencers
  • Influencer communities
  • Use Influencer marketing as another channel to market
  • Steps – on how to grow your using Influencers
  • Jab jab punch approche
  • Influencer Marketing can 11x ROI only when done well
  • Brand safety / due diligence / Online trolling
  • The Dark Side of Influencer Marketing
  • Failures = Biggest wins
  • Emotion and story
  • Authentic message – real stories
  • What is rapport
  • How rapport fits into influencer marketing

Guest: Gordon Glenister

Host: Jatinder Palaha 

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the same concept as word of mouth, except it occurs in a digital format. It’s powerful because when influencers on social media or bloggers online talk about your brand, people listen and trust them over other forms of advertising. Influencer marketing is a marketing technique that involves identifying the key people who influence a targeted audience and working with them to promote or advertise a product or service.

Influencers are a hot trend in marketing today. When brands collaborate with influencers, they can get more attention for their products or services. Sometimes, though, brands simply work with influencers to spread the word about their company.

A great example of a brand partnering with an influencer is YouTube sensation PewDiePie and the horror movie producers in the catacombs beneath Paris. The team created a series of videos in which he had to undergo challenges. The videos received twice as many views as the movie’s trailer, and everybody benefited.

Celebrities have always been used to promote various products. Now we can do it digitally. It’s easy to imagine a famous person promoting a product through a series of videos on YouTube. This is an incredibly useful tool for businesses, because people are much more inclined to listen to a famous person than they are to read some random blogger online.

Influencers aren’t famous movie stars. Influencers aren’t necessarily the most talented or coolest people in your industry. In fact, influencers can be anyone. They can be a popular Instagram fashion photographer with a huge following, or a well-respected industry blogger who tweets and publishes thoughtful, interesting content. The key is finding them.

These influential people can be anywhere online. They’re often well-read in their field, and they have large followings on social media platforms. They have only 10,000 followers, less in some cases. But they have built a reputation as the experts in their field. They are the go-to people who provide the answers to people’s questions. They are the most engaging social media users on their specific topics, sharing pictures and videos.

Influencer Marketing Statistics

Businesses are making a lot of money by using influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has grown to $13.8 billion in 2021. For every dollar spent on influencer marketing, businesses earned $5.78 in return. People have searched for the phrase “influencer marketing” 465% more since 2016 on Google alone. 90% of survey respondents feel that influencer marketing is effective. 67% of brands use Instagram for influencer marketing.

What Influencer Marketing is Not

Influencer marketing isn’t just about finding someone with a large audience and offering them money or exposure. That’s what viral celebrities are for. Influencers are people who’ve spent time building their own brand and cultivating their audience; they will be naturally protective of their reputation and the people who trust them. They’re people who have the patience to build up their brand, and they’re known for being trustworthy.

Slow-and-steady wins the race. Influencer marketing is not about quick results. It’s the same kind of slow-and-steady approach as social media and content marketing, where your campaign isn’t about directly selling your wares. Instead, it’s about demonstrating your authority, credibility, and thought leadership within your industry. It’s about becoming synonymous with whatever it is that you offer, like when people say the name “Nike” for running shoes.

Influencers are important for Social Media Marketing, but the process of building a relationship with them is slow, especially when you’re a new brand. It may seem like an easy shortcut to simply pay influencers, but that’s not the way to do it—you have to earn their trust and respect.

What doesn’t work in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is all about finding the right influencer for your brand. Some influencers are more popular than others. However, you should never base your decision solely on popularity. It’s important to concentrate on the action that you want from your audience. Don’t overlook an influencer who could be very effective for your brand because he or she is not as popular as others.

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