Ideas for your Opt-in page

A squeeze page should be kept simple and direct. Something that entices the potential clients needs. Some people load up an opt-in page with gobs of freebies, but it really serves only to dilute the intent AND your list.

Make sure you know your market, your target and the ideal candidate for your list.  Now provide them with something they value and not a bucket load of add-on bait.

  • How will you know why they opted-in?
  • Was it for your main promise or the additional goodies?
  • Do you build a relationship based upon your main offer or the add-ons?
  • Do you see how that complicates the message?

Here are some ideas for freebies or incentives to offer on your squeeze page.

Physical products

These are great for niches outside of internet marketing, but they work for digital marketing too.  I love to get something that is autographed by a popular celebrity or author.   If you are a coach send out a CD/DVD, book or report.

Are you in the pet niche?  How about a free pet id-tag, collar, or toys. Offline businesses often give away magnets, calendars, pens/pencils, you name it.

Yes, there is an investment in the marketing collateral, BUT you also get the person’s REAL contact information including address and perhaps a phone number to go along with the email address. That is powerful!

More ideas…

Digital products

  • articles
  • video
  • newsletter/ezine
  • e-course
  • report
  • ebook
  • membership
  • software

Teleseminar or Webinar

Webinars are a way to introduce powerful techniques with just enough left out of the message to encourage the listener/viewer to buy a product.  You can use a similar tactic in the other offers, but when someone takes time to attend an event, they are more inclined to purchase the offer at the end of the show.

Personalised Coaching/Tutoring/Initial consultation

This is more time consuming as you have to make it a 1-on-1 event, but it offers a great opportunity to start building a trust with your new subscriber.   It’s also hard for someone to say ‘no’ to an offer at the end of a personalized session.

Take Away

  • give away something of VALUE to your prospect that will…
  • truly help them
  • prove your credibility
  • build their trust
  • leave them thirsting for more (so you can sell your product)
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