How To Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

How can you make sure your messaging matches your products and services?

  • Identify your primary target audience
  • Create an initial ideal customer profile
  • Validate your customer information
  • Analyze your data and refine the profile
  • Have the most impact
  • Plan future action steps,

A lot of business owners make the mistake of trying to sell to everyone. They worry that if they narrow their customer market too much, they won't be able to sell enough. This is absolutely not true.

Do you want to waste your money on bland sales copy and products that never fit anyone's needs. If you try to appeal to everyone, you end up with:

  • Bland sales copy that does not resonate with your target audience 
  • Products and services that dont quite fit peoples needs
  • Constantly struggling to convert your leads to customers

On the flip side, if you take the time to carefully create an Ideal Customer Profile, every decision comes naturally.

They know exactly:

  • What to say or write and what language to use in content and copy so that it does resonate with you ideal customer profile
  • How to tailor their products and services to their customers' needs
  • What new offers can work for their audience who will race to purchase

When you have a detailed ICP, you don't have to worry about your business and marketing decisions. All you have to do is think about how your ICP would react.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify your primary target audience, so that you can market to those people who are the best fit for your products and services
  • Create an initial ideal customer profile by tapping your current understanding of your audience
  • Validate your customer information, so that you have the most accurate data on which to base your ideal customer profile
  • Analyze your data and refine the profile of your ideal customer, so you will be confident in tailoring your marketing to them
  • Decide how your detailed ideal customer profile can have the most impact right now, so that you get started using it immediately
  • Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps, so that you can achieve the goals you set for this course and continue to refine your customer profile over time

Whats Covered In The Modules?

This course is broken down into 5 major modules and individual lessons to take you step-by-step through how to create your ideal customer profile

The modules follow a logical order, so while you can skip around if you want, it’s best to work through them one at a time.

As you go through each module, use your Action Guide to help you complete the Action Steps at the end of each.

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Module 1 – Your Primary Target Audience

Market your product or service to an overly general audience, means you'll always have a hard time making decisions on messaging, sales copy, content, and every other aspect of your business.

In Module 1, identify you primary target audience, so that you can make the marketing and business decisions that will drive success.

Module 2 – Build Your 5D Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Lesson 1: Gather the Facts
Lesson 2: Feel Their Pain
Lesson 3: Explore Their Wants
Lesson 4: Discover What Matters Most to Them
Lesson 5: Uncover Their Objections
Lesson 6: Review Your Data 

Digital Rapport 1200x1200 layout511 1gum1l8
Digital Rapport 1200x1200 layout511 1gum1l8

Module 3 – Put it All Together

Lesson 1: Validate Your Answers
Lesson 2: Analyze Your Data & Refine Your ICP

Module 4 – What to Do with Your New ICP

After you have your detailed ideal customer profile, you’ll want to start using it right away to benefit your business.

In Module 4, we'll show you how to decide where your ideal customer profile can have the most impact right now, so that you can use it immediately to grow your business.

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Digital Rapport 1200x1200 layout511 1gum1l8

Module 5 – Conclusion and Next Steps

Continue to monitor and tweak your ICP and keep up with market and audience changes.

In Module 5, review the course, consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps.

Are You Ready To Finally Get Your Message To Resonate With Your Target Audience?

Having an ideal customer profile helps you not only attract income, but also allows you to develop the longer-term marketing you need for your products and services. When you know exactly who you’re talking to and what they’re looking for, your strategy will be more successful. An ideal customer profile will also help you with your branding, lead generation, community building, content creation, and product development.

In life and business it's best to conserve both energy and time which are the two crucial components in creating an efficient flow. Aim to become economical in the way you run your business and work flow and realise that the simplest things work best.

When you create efficiency with a direct approach you create simplicity in your business. 

  • Be Efficient  - Quickest path from point A to Point B
  • Direct Path - Cut though the digital noise
  • Keep It Simple - Without ornamentation

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