How to Write a 5 Star Kindle Book

This is so easy it’s kind of like cheating… but at the same time it’s totally white hat.

Let’s say you want to write a Kindle book.

And further, let’s say you want to make sure it gets 5 star reviews and makes you a very nice, juicy, residual income.

Here’s how you might do exactly that:

First, choose a BIG niche that sells really well.

When you’re talking about Kindle, you’re talking about VOLUME. After all, a $2-4 profit on a book means you’ve got to sell a lot of books to make real money.

Selling a lot of books means you need a big money-making niche – something like:

  • Food / cooking
  • Self-development
  • Relationships
  • Making money
  • Diet / weight loss
  • Health / fitness

You can’t go wrong with any one of these niches.

Now then, narrow your niche down to a specific topic. For example, you might narrow down “Diet and weight loss” to “How to lose belly fat after 40.”

Forget about reinventing the wheel – it takes too much time and it’s too risky. Instead, you’re going to improve the wheel.

Go to Amazon and search for all the belly fat and fat loss books, especially the ones tailored for people over 40.

You’re interested in anything in this sub-niche that is selling under the Kindle Bestseller rank of 20,000.

Why? Because of they’re under 20,000, then they’re likely selling about 10-15 books per day or more.

What – that doesn’t sound like a lot? Okay, let’s do some quick math:

If a book has a profit of $3 per sale, and is selling 15 copies per day, then that’s $45 per day.

Okay, I know that’s not going to make you rich, but think about this: At $45 per day, times 30 days, is $1,350 per month… Residual…

…As in, you publish the book once and get paid over and over again.

Increase the price or increase the sales and your profits go up.

Look, I can’t tell you how many copies you will sell, but if you do what I’m about to suggest, and you do it once a month, in a year you can have 12 residual revenue streams from 12 books.

Multiply 12 times $1,350 and see what that is per month.

Now do I have your interest?

Okay, back to your research…

You’re going to find these books in your subniche that are ranking under 20,000 and you’re going to read the reviews – especially the five star and one star reviews.

Make a list of everything people love about each book, and everything they hate.

For example, the list of things people love might be:

  • Great motivation, made me want to start losing the fat immediately
  • Liked the diet examples
  • Enjoyed the tips, especially the ones about exercise

And things people didn’t like might be:

  • Not enough sample exercises
  • Not enough resources – where are we supposed to find the things the author recommended?
  • Too many typos – should have edited it better.

Write down all of that.

Now then, you’re going to keep what the customers liked, and improve what they didn’t like.

NO PLAGIARIZING, by the way.

You’re going to write your own book – or outsource it – with specific instructions on what to include.

That’s right – you don’t even need to write it yourself. Just give your instructions on what to include and how to write it to an outsourcer and let them handle it for you.

Your book will contain everything people love about the other books, and everything improved about what they didn’t like about the other books.

Do this and there is no reason for people to give you negative reviews, which is important.

As you know, Amazon reviews are HUGELY important.

Your book will eventually get more sales than the books it is modeled on as you get more and more positive reviews.

Meaning your income should surpass that of your competitor’s books.

Now then, rinse and repeat for your next book, and the next, and…

WAIT! Two more things…

First: Your book cover must be so mesmerizing that it STOPS Amazon customers in their tracks.

Everyone is busy. They’re skimming. They’re in a hurry. And there are hundreds of books in your category.

If your cover doesn’t stand out, and I mean STAND OUT – then the battle is lost.

You can have the greatest book ever written, but if the cover stinks then you will get few sales.

Here’s what to do: Find a great Kindle cover designer on Fiverr. You might need to pay more than $5 – it’s worth it.

Ask them to make your title(s) BIG and BOLD.

Remember, on Kindle a lot of people are looking at titles on their smart phones. If the titles are small, they can’t read them.

Ask for high resolution graphics, because people associate higher resolution with higher quality.

Second Thing: Get some reviews. REAL reviews.

Some people might tell you to get fake reviews from Fiverr or review exchange groups, but don’t do it.

Amazon has gotten smart about these things and they are cracking down.

Instead, ask your friends, family, acquaintances and so forth for real, legitimate reviews.

Also, place an email opt-in page with a nice freebie at the beginning and end of your book. This will build you an email list of readers.

ASK your readers (politely) for reviews.

What about Promotion?

Good question. Here’s how to do a killer promotion that gets your book ranking high on Kindle:

So far you’ve got a great book, a captivating cover, genuine reviews – you’re already ahead of 98% of the other books on Kindle.

The only thing left for you to do is shoot your rankings up on Amazon.

Here’s what you do…

Enroll in KDP Select

Promote your book on as many promotion sites as you can find. There are all kinds of Facebook groups dedicated to free Kindle books.

Set your book on a free promotion through KDP Select.

Your goal is to get your book downloaded like crazy in spikes, because this is what catches Amazon’s attention and gets your book ranking higher.

Also, if you have a series of books (HINT HINT) then link all of your books together. As soon as one KDP Select promotion is over, set the second book on promotion and so forth. This will cross-promote your books and your sales should see a compound effect.

Continue the above, along with building your lists (remember you’re placing an offer to get on your list inside your books.) Whenever you publish a new book, let your list know. Let them download it for free during the KDP Select promotion, and ask them to leave reviews.

Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat…

If you really want to scale this, you’ll hire someone to act as project manager and you’ll start publishing multiple books per week, outsourcing everything.

Yes, this is a six, or maybe seven figure business if you stick with it.

And you thought we were just going to talk about writing a single Kindle book…

…okay, if you only want to do ONE book for now, make it a great one and tie it in with something else you’re doing.

For example, if you’re a coach or consultant or provide services, let your book be your ambassador and show the world that YOU are the expert.

It makes for a much better and more effective business card than a little slip of paper with your name and phone number on it.

The sky’s the limit, so have fun and become a best-selling author THIS month before you put it off any longer.

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