Taking Action & Planting seeds

I was at an event some time ago where I got to know one of the attendees. We got chatting and built rapport. Soon after the conversation we exchanged cards. Some time later this person rang me up out of the blue to inquire about one of  the services I provide to my clients. It was great to catch up. But what made me think afterward was had if I not been at the event I would not have met this person nor created the chance for potential business.trans

I also did the opposite ie stayed in and worked from home and just kept in touch with people via facebook etc. But nothing substantially new came from it.

This is what got me thinking, it was one of those Eureka! Moments. “Movement has energy” as simple and common as that sounds it shows the law of cause and effect in motion. If you do nothing, nothing happens, if you do something , something happens.  If you do no exercise the less energy one seems to have, if you exercise more, the more energy one has. This is a common pattern in anything you do, the more you stress the more you stress. The more you relax, the more you are able to relax.

The more you do something the more movement, the more energy and things happen.  Just by the simple act of going to an event and talking to people allowed me to plant a seed. Sooner or later the seed grows. But it needs movement for it to happen. Movement can also be translated into ACTION. Do you know the word Karma actually means action. To create karma or action , one has to do something…. Movement.

How simple! Take Action

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