How To Sell Online with Digital Rapport® in 2024

How to sell online can be a challenging task and that why understanding how to sell and why You Need to Incorporate It into Your Marketing is very important in order to effective convert traffic into clicks and sales.

Selling Through Digital Rapport® is an approach to managing your relationships with your customers that visualises the entire experience a person has with your business from the very first contact.

As opposed to the traditional sales funnel approach, it addresses your audience’s needs as they evolve and change. You connect with your customers and engage with them at each point in their buying journey. A more flexible and holistic approach, it results in greater brand loyalty and customer retention. Your customer turns into advocates of your brand, helping you gain even more business.

Why Selling Through Digital Rapport® Matters

The biggest advocates of your brand are also the biggest contributors to your bottom line. According to studies by RJ Metrics:

  • The most loyal 10% of any company’s audience spends 3 times as much as the entire lower 90%
  • Furthermore, the top 1% spends as much as 5 times more than the lower 90%.

Those numbers show that customer loyalty is worth its weight in gold to your business. How to sell online means understanding your target and being able to connect but more so resonate with them so they are drawn to you and your content. Thid can happen as your create content to build rapport with your audience.

Remember when people are searching for information online it tends to be specific therefore creating long form piller content and short related content can help you create a content web which is useful not only for readers but search spiders understand what you and what your site is all about.

The Benefits of Selling Through Digital Rapport®

With the sales funnel approach, you spend a great deal of effort qualifying leads in that bottom 90%. But with Selling Through Digital Rapport® model, you can bring more of your ideal customers up into that 10% and 1% and earn more from them.

It costs a lot less time, money, and energy to nurture relationships with existing customers than to find new ones. 

Today’s marketing is all about genuine relationships. People love interacting with their favourite brands. The Selling Through Digital Rapport® approach is more in tune with this. It allows you to build stronger relationships.

This approach cuts down on the leads you lose out of your funnel and the buyers who abandon their shopping carts at the last minute. It allows you to stay with them and offer a wider variety of offerings to meet their needs. 

Finally, Selling Through Digital Rapport® requires stellar customer service, which will have your audience singing your praises and bringing others into your orbit organically.

Best of all, it’s a simple framework that can be applied to any business.

how to sell online
How To Sell Online with Digital Rapport® in 2024 1

How To Sell Online Through Digital Rapport® Marketing Works

The simple framework involves three stages: Connect, Influence, Inspire. At the Connect stage, you identify and connect with your target audience and build awareness of your brand.

For the Influence stage, you provide helpful content to your audience and encourage them to make the right buying decision.

Finally, Inspire your customer by going the extra mile to ensure they stay a customer for life. This is where you can continue to support them as their needs change.

The power of Selling Through Digital Rapport® model is that the customer’s journey doesn’t end when they make a purchase. In fact, the relationship is just beginning. 

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Why You Hate Selling?

Why You Hate Selling – And What You Can Do to Change Your Mindset 

There are several skills to learn if you want to become a great salesperson. But an easier way to improve quickly is to change your mindset. If you change your attitude about sales, you’ll be able to go out and sell more confidently and in a more genuine way.

So, what attitude is stopping you from selling effectively?

It Feels Sleazy

If selling feels “sleazy” to you, this means you’re doing it all wrong. The idea is to help people and collaborate with them to find a solution to their problems. Hopefully, that solution is your product. Rather than a high-pressure sales pitch, you should be engaging the prospect in a conversation where the two of you work together to discuss their needs and how your offering can help solve their problems (If it can help, if though conversation they are not a right fit there is nothing wrong with referring them to others who you know can help them. This way this will see you as a trusted source). 

It’s Hard Work

Sales can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be if you approach it in a natural way. When you meet a prospect, you’re listening to them and getting information. Then, at a later stage, you can introduce your product to see if it matches what they need. It’s like the art of selling without selling.

The “hard work” of sales is getting leads and spending time with them. The more you get out there and talk to people, the higher your chances of finding that match between their needs and your product. But the actual “work” itself is building a relationship with the person and listening carefully to learn their needs. 

Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection may be keeping you from sales success. It stings when people say “no.” But what they’re actually saying is that your offering doesn’t meet their needs right now. It’s not a reflection on you at all, but simply bad timing or a mismatch. 

One way around this feeling of rejection is to realise that you win either way, whether you make the sale or not. If you don’t make the sale, you’ve opened a dialogue and started a relationship. If you nurture this relationship, it could translate to a sale down the road. 

Think of it as Serving rather than closing the sale

It’s Boring

If you think selling is boring, you’re approaching it the wrong way. Sales is a process of discovery where you get to know your prospect as an individual human being. You make an authentic connection and then see what you can do for them. 

Finding a way to help others with your expertise is a reward. Get excited about your product and the ways you can help, and you’ll be excited to talk to your prospects. 

The Fish Aren’t Biting

What if you’re getting out there and meeting people with a positive attitude and a natural approach, but you’re not getting anyone to say yes? It’s not a waste of effort. You’re just targeting the wrong people or using the wrong language to explain your offering to them. (You may not actually be listening to them. It’s about what they need.)

You may need to clarify what unique value your product offers. How do its features benefit the customer? What makes it unique from similar products on the market? It always helps to refine your approach and improve your communication skills. 

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