How To Make a Website

Have you got a website or registered your domain name?

I was searching the net the other day for a new domain name, but I was not having any luck. The domains names I was looking for were all gone. I tried and tried different variations but no luck. It was mad. I had the same response from a friend who was also looking for a domain name, but the domain he wanted was already taken and the owner wanted 2k for it.  He must have initially brought it for dollars/pounds,  2k he wanted how mad/great is that??

It makes you think right? domain names are becoming rare and you are getting situations where you start selling or exchanging domain names. Some will have more value then others and people are buying them up, with the aim of future potentials buying them off them.

A recent report said that in about 2010 the number of online purchases will rise from about 20% to about 30%… is that it??? We are only making 20% worth of purchase online at the moment???…. 20%!!! that’s nothing!. The web has huge potential.

My Advice is , get domain names while you can and get a website for sure. Imagine having a “.com” domain that everybody wants and people are willing to pay thousands for it…. You never know right! And setting up a simple blog may drive thousands and thousands of traffic to your site.

Get domain names for your name, your business, your ideas or even for fun. Setting up something simple on them is relatively easy these days.

Get a domain name, Get web hosting

WordPress CRM

The easiest way to get going online is to set up a WordPress blog. In most cases, you should be able to install this via you host.

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