How to make a rubbish video

Here are some tips on how to make a rubbish video.

Have rubbish raw footage – if your source file recording is low quality for video files then this will mean that no matter how much you try, you won’t always get the best end result. Recording the footage with bad lighting and sound is not something you should do for a video you are expecting to look high quality. You can always downscale a video file but you can never upscale as this will reduce the quality of the video.

Have bad lighting –  by not having a good light source is a brilliant way to produce low quality videos. With bad lighting you won’t get any decent colour exposure and you won’t be able to do anything in post production to make the result better.

Have bad sound – by using bad sound form the beginning means the output will not be great. Again no matter how much you try to correct this post production you just won’t be able to get rid of the hiss , even if you try to increase the volume you will just create more background noise and this will create a bad user experience. If you don’t use a good sound source such as lapel mic or some external sound recording device then you are setting your self up for fall.

Don’t let your editor work their magic – one of the best things you can do to make a rubbish video is to take charge and tell your editor step by step what to do. Don’t let the editor use his/her creativity and experience to work their magic. Sit next to them and you with your lack of experience tell them exactly what to do.

Have a really high expectation without understanding what is being provided – At times its best to get a professional to do the work, especially if you want to show yourself in way that will help promote and market your business. We suggest you do your research on who you choose but expecting high end results with out storey boarding, planning and practice may not be a good idea.

Expect high end production on shoe string budgets – pay as little as you can and expect that you will get high end video. This is another classic on how to create a bad video.

Don’t prepare before you make a video – just like you would practice for a presentation in the same way its good to practice for video. Remember with video you can redo things, record in small sections and piece things together in editing, so do practice as it will help.

Be boring – Having high energy on camera will go a long way. So for this its good to do something before you record to get you slightly hyper otherwise the video may look boring. So get into state, emanate and ooze confidence, pose and excitement – assuming you are making an uplifting video. If your message needs to be serious then get into the right state for that. Whatever emotion you want to convey or get across is the emotion you should tap into yourself.

Don’t use a good stable stand – allow your camera to wobble, this will definitely make the viewing experience annoying for the viewer.

Don’t do any editing at all – lol just upload it as it is, unless you are awesome at first takes or if you want people to see unedited footage then go ahead.


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