13 Cool Tips on How To Live Life

This space serves as an exploration of life’s complexities, an attempt to navigate through its highs and lows, positives and negatives, joys and sorrows. We often find ourselves in a tangle of existential questions, questioning our identity, purpose, and control over life’s unfolding. Although uncertainty remains our constant companion, it is in embracing this mystery, we truly learn to live.

In the following lines, you’ll dive into a reflection of experiences – those that fill our hearts with joy and those that leave us in despair. Here, we contemplate on the paradox of our memory – why do we hold onto painful experiences when the pleasure-filled ones seem so much sweeter?

Join me on this journey of introspection and discovery, where we will share stories, extract wisdom, and cultivate understanding. Together, we’ll celebrate life in all its messy, beautiful chaos, and maybe, just maybe, uncover a few cool tips on how to live it to the fullest.

Living Life

Okay, let’s get real here. We’re all spinning on this giant rock we affectionately call Mother Earth, right? And, every single day, we’re in this wild dance of life that’s a crazy mix of good, bad, and everything in-between. It’s like we’re in this huge cosmic tag-team wrestling match, with joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, all getting in on the action. They’re locked together in this eternal dance, each one defining the other. It’s like a reality show that’s been running since the dawn of time!

So, stuff happens. Sometimes we make it happen, sometimes it just does its own thing. And then our brains, bless ’em, they jump in trying to make sense of it all, labeling things as good or bad, positive or negative. It’s these events, these interpretations that end up carving out who we are – or at least, who we think we are.

Then, there comes a day when you take a step back and start asking the BIG questions. “Is this me? How did I end up here? What’s the point of it all? Am I in the driver’s seat here, or is it all pre-determined?” These are the questions that keep us awake at 3 am, aren’t they?

But you know what? Does it really matter? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows, right?

But here’s something I’m rock-solid sure about. Whatever’s going on, whatever the answer to those big questions, we’re in the thick of this amazing, messy, beautiful thing called life. And we’ve got to make the most of it. So, let’s dive in and live it up, shall we?

What do we remember the most?

Experiences, right? The terrific ones, the terrible ones, and everything in between! What’s the deal there? Well, I reckon it’s because the feel-good experiences leave us all warm and fuzzy inside. They’re like little nuggets of joy that we squirrel away in our memory bank, ready to bring out and polish up whenever we need a pick-me-up.

Now, the not-so-fun experiences? They leave their mark too. But let’s face it, as human beings, we’d rather steer clear of those. I mean, who wants to feel down in the dumps when you could be having a blast, right?

So, riddle me this: why do we hang onto the memories that drag us down? Holding onto them is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot. It does nothing for our vibe, and it’s a total waste of energy.

Let me tell you about this crazy-amazing experience I had, one that I’ve chosen to remember and share. It was so wild, so exhilarating, I’m still riding the high. But the cherry on top? There were 12,000 others who were in on it too. Yep, you heard it right, 12,000 people!

It was mind-boggling how folks from all walks of life found themselves on the same wavelength, in the same place at the same time. It was a few years back, at the London Excel with Tony Robbins. Now, when I say 12,000 people, I’m talking about a diverse crowd from every corner of the globe, each with their own unique story. It was humanity in all its glory – an experience like no other.

Folks, this event was off the charts. It was like someone had cranked the energy dial to eleven! Words fall flat trying to capture it – you had to be there. It felt like the roof had come off with the energy pulsating through the room. For four whole days, we feasted on knowledge, from the power of the mind to communication strategies and everything in between. It was an unforgettable ride, one that makes life all the more worth living!

New Beginnings

You sat down and gazed into the distance only to notice a magnificent, wonderful sunset. As you shifted your attention, you noticed a character walking towards it, an apple in one hand and destiny in the other. As you focused in, you realized it was JT.

You shouted out to him, “hey JT” and he turned around and looked at you, pulled out a piece of paper wrote something on it, scrunched it up and threw it in your direction. You caught it and looked up and JT smiled and waved his hand.

A bit confused by this you opened up the paper to have a look at what was written on it………it had a quote which read:

“The only thing that never changes is that things are always changing.” – cwg

You looked up only to be blinded by a bright light and thats when you realized that it was not a sun set but a sun rise…..

The Shadow Effect

Are you ready to reclaim the gold in the darkness? Would you like to take back your power today? Are you longing to express your greatness?

I saw a film called The Shadow effect by Debbie ford Featuring Deepak Copra, Marianne Williamson, James Van Peach, Mark victor Hansen , Dr David Simon and Dr Jason Deitch.

AMAZING!!! If you don’t embrace your negative side and your positive side then you are living a life of illusion. If you are only looking for the positive then you are living a one sided life and not living to your full potential as your perceived negative side or the shadow could lead you to your greatest YOU. Its only when you look at the  dual aspect of your self as the films says give light to the dark and accept all of who you are can you really and truly see the blessing of all that your life has GIVEN YOU.

100% RECOMMENDED take the time out to watch this. http://theshadoweffect.com/

Embrace the Change

Change is a constant part of life, as beautifully symbolized by the rising sun in our narrative. We’re often afraid of it because it’s unknown and unpredictable. However, embracing change can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth. It opens doors to new experiences, relationships, and wisdom. So, rather than resisting change, welcome it with open arms. Acknowledge that life’s fluid nature is what keeps it interesting and thrilling. Turn changes into opportunities for learning, self-discovery, and evolution. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but the transformation that comes with it can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

Nurture your Relationships

From the 12,000-person event mentioned in the story, it’s clear that human connection can generate incredible energy. Regardless of our backgrounds, cultures, or beliefs, we all crave connection. It’s a core human need that brings joy, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Make a conscious effort to nurture your relationships – be it family, friends, or colleagues. These bonds not only provide emotional support but also shape who we are, influence our outlook on life, and enrich our experiences. Actively communicate, show empathy, and be there for your loved ones. Remember, the quality of your relationships often reflects the quality of your life.

Possibility vs Probability

What is Probability? This is the The level of possibility of something happening or being true.

What is Possibility? A chance that something may happen or be true or not.

The mind is an amazing thing. It really is. Its unbelievable as to what it can achieve. You’ve heard the saying “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”. Now really think about that statement for a moment.

Many of you would, I think agree that this is possible. However If you can’t conceive and believe, why is that? Truly ask yourself that question. Why would you believe that something is not possible? (and I’m not asking you to think about the obvious things here 😀 ) If you honestly ask yourself “why do I think xyz is not possible” you may be surprised as to what you may discover about your self and what holds you back. This is known as a limiting belief.

The term limiting belief is used for a belief that inhibits exploration of a wider cognitive space than would otherwise be the case. These may be strongly held beliefs or held unconsciously and are often tied in with self-image or perceptions about the world. Everyday examples of limiting beliefs:

– That one has specific capabilities, roles, or traits which cannot be escaped or changed.

– That one cannot succeed so there is no point committing to trying.

– That a particular opinion is right therefore there is no point considering other viewpoints.

– That a particular action or result is the only way to resolve a problem.

So ask your self  “is there something I think I can not do?” Then instead of thinking that it is not possible, ask your self a simple question. “what if it was possible”, “what if I can do this”, how would these 2 simple questions change your perception? Would your mind try to think of ways that may make it possible for you?

“Whatever you believe with emotions becomes your reality. you always act in a manner consistent with your innermost beliefs and convictions.” – Brian Tracy

“Your attitude is an expression of your values,beliefs and expectations.” – Brian Tracy

“It is not what happens to you but how you respond to what happens to you that determines how you feel.” – Brian Tracy

“Almost all unhappiness in life comes from the tendency to blame someone else. “- Brian Tracy

“You are fully responsible for everything” – Brian Tracy

Whats possible for you? Ask your self the question of possibility, dont close the door befor you even get to look on the other side.

Taking Action & Planting Seeds

I was at an event some time ago where I got to know one of the attendees. We got chatting and built rapport. Soon after the conversation we exchanged cards. Some time later this person rang me up out of the blue to inquire about one of  the services I provide to my clients. It was great to catch up. But what made me think afterward was had if I not been at the event I would not have met this person nor created the chance for potential business.trans - live life

I also did the opposite ie stayed in and worked from home and just kept in touch with people via facebook etc. But nothing substantially new came from it.

This is what got me thinking, it was one of those Eureka! Moments. “Movement has energy” as simple and common as that sounds it shows the law of cause and effect in motion. If you do nothing, nothing happens, if you do something , something happens.  If you do no exercise the less energy one seems to have, if you exercise more, the more energy one has. This is a common pattern in anything you do, the more you stress the more you stress. The more you relax, the more you are able to relax.

The more you do something the more movement, the more energy and things happen.  Just by the simple act of going to an event and talking to people allowed me to plant a seed. Sooner or later the seed grows. But it needs movement for it to happen. Movement can also be translated into ACTION. Do you know the word Karma actually means action. To create karma or action , one has to do something…. Movement.

How simple! Take Action

The Power is in the Words…..

….. or is it?

Lets face it on the logical level any message written , emailed, texted or blogged about is essentially plain text. It has no meaning in it self. Only when you read the words and what those words mean to you as the reader, the message makes sense. However as everyone will relate to words in different ways, the reader and the writer could have meant something in different ways, based on ones own perception on the meaning they give to a words.

Example: You work in a place where you deal with people from different parts of the world. Some people will have English as their native language and some will not. Some will be more fluent and others will not. People who may not have a proper or full grasp of the English language as one example, may be direct in the way they write. Others will be more relaxed.

What can end up happening is that the reader will add their own feelings and emotions to the message and could end up giving it a different meaning or blowing it out of proportion.

We basically end up creating/adding our own thoughts to a plain text message which could be experienced in many different ways depending on our own mood.

A message such as……..  “Get out of here!”  could mean many things, but depending on your mood or how your own brain relates to you will add extra bits to its context and possibly make it seem more or less then what it is.

The moral of the story is, you will add your own bits to a message based on many things, ie if you know the person, then perhaps you will bring their persona into mind and think how that person would say it and you see it in your mind as that, or if you don’t know a person  then you might make up a voice in your own head of what you think that person sounds like? You might have just watched a move that got you in a mushy mood so you may read the message from a place of joy, happiness or sadness.

The words and their meanings will differ for different people, bare this in mind as you never know how people will react to the words you use based on their current mode…. Interesting

The Future of Things

I often sit down and wonder where its all going? what new tech is going to be coming out? how companies like Apple will bring out new and exciting products. It’s all amazing and when you ponder on the idea your mind just goes crazy.

Growing up I use to watch many scifi movies and programs, they use to have all these amazing gadgets which seemed so futuristic. So to see those technologies manifest now is like a childhood dream come too. Michael Knight and talking car and kit his companion, now we are seeing apple watch and siri. Captain Picard and his tablet, and now we see them all over the place. The crew of start trek walking around on a plant with portable navigation units, just like me using my iPhone and Google maps to navigate the unexplored streets of London. What else have we seen that is being manifested right now ?

The future is just an empty canvas and big enough to cater for the greatest visionaries of our time. If we can think it, imagine it, we can most likely create it. It’s just a matter of time. I’m optimistic about the future and can’t wait for propulsion systems , wrap speed and teleportation.

Think big, think different, dare to dream, it’s endless and so exciting.

How much do you believe in other peoples stories?

Isn’t everything we are told a story or a representation of the story tellers point of view, perception and own interpretation based around their model of the world and life’ experiences?

Interesting right?

And when we hear a story our own filters kick in and we have to make sense of what is being said to us. Our own brains then try to make sense based on our own model of the world and life experiences.

So does that mean we are just making it up as we go along the best way we can with the information we have inside our brains?

And if so then what would you want to make up for your life and own truths? Where does it stop and start? And what information would you choose to allow to enter into your brain?

It’s endless in nature but our brains have to make sense of it in some way, so we end up creating our own boundaries just for the sake of making sense and meaning. It does’ not mean we totally get what the other person is saying, but we could be close to understanding. But when a story is told we begin to see, imagine and make sense, we learn better with stories, we understand and perceive the world better, and get more depth of what is being said or what needs to be understood.

If the story teller is good then the message can be great, very powerful and inspiring, if the story teller is not so great then can leave people in a state of annoyance, lack of understand, confused and not inspired. Just like watching a good movie or a bad movie.

A simple reframe on a topic could change ones perspective and life forever, and getting too many perspectives can leave one confused and jared…

…at some point you have to do your own thinking and take action accordingly and that’s when you allow your self to be empowered to think for your self and self actualise and honestly express one self the best way you can.

Therefor take into consideration your story, the story of your life, your business and then note how its being told and what message it’s sending out into the world. If that story is not good and the message is not great… then do your own thinking and see how you can make it better, or reframe it to get the message across.. what’s your story?

How To Grow Wings

The truth ts people only grow wings when they truly want to fly. I’m speaking metaphorically that is, but lets take a look at this.

In the animal kingdom a bird will push you out of a nest, you either learn to fly on the way down or you die. For humans it does not have to be that extreme, but then again depending on what you want out of life or where you are it may have to be.

Napoleon hill said whatever the mind can conceive, and believe it can achieve. It’s very important to look at the sequence of this quote “Conceive”, “Believe”, “Achieve”. The idea has to first be born, i.e. conceived in the brain first, then if you believe it and see, hear and feel it happening then you can achieve it (with action). So until the idea is actually believed the formula won’t necessarily work. As believing is the bridge between the formation of the idea and actually doing it.

In life too often until we believe we can do it the chances are that we won’t. Even at a subconscious level if there is any doubt then it won’t happen due to subconscious sabotage. People say they can and will but unless the belief is there, unless the reason for them is there, unless they can see, hear and feel it, the chances are they won’t do it with the speed and ease they would like it. If the vision of what they want to achieve is cloudy then the action will also be cloudy, until it is seen with clarity only then does mind body and soul align.

It may take years for the idea to bloom or it might take 10 seconds where the goal, vision to align and something finally triggers where the belief of possibility kicks in and you work on making it happen.

If there are things in life that are not manifesting or not happening then pause for a moment to truly reflect on the situation and dig deep , reconnect with your heart and feel and ask the question what is really going on here?… and if you are honest with your self there is no way for you not to realise or feel what is going on. Maybe at some level you don’t quite believe it’s possible yet?

The human brain is amazing and most often it works in images with greater power, i.e. when you can see (Visualise) yourself doing, achieving xyz first then the belief is strengthened and it’s at this point we attempt to even try to do it. When we can see a way of doing what the original conception thought was, we are compelled to take action… because we can see how to do it now.

Thoughts and ideas pop into and out of the brain all the time when we start seeking a solution to a problem. We ask our selfs how can I do this?  … with a little thought and action we can progress.

Sometimes inner dialogue can also kick in which can create disbelief, if we listen to this voice inside our heads and it’s lauder then the other voices then this too can be overwhelming and we may not progress. But when the inner voice is encouraging because it’s just understood and aligned itself with how something could be done, then the belief element kicks in again.

When we discover how to do it, or when we have an inkling of how to do it we can progress. But the greater the belief the more action one will take.

If you say dear Google, what is “believe”? it will tell you

  • accept that (something) is true, especially without proof
  • hold (something) as an opinion; think.

Now the topic of belief is far greater then this post to cover, but you can see how belief is a massive driver to get things done. Sitting down in meditation or a trance state and visualising the topic, problem, idea and working though as much details as you can, seeing it happen in your brain first will enforce the belief to carry it out in real life if you ALSO take action towards it, big or small.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ― Napoleon Hill

So in order to grow wings believe you can and fly as high as you can if you catch my drift or take a leap of faith and learn on the way down lol. Just make sure you have a parachute as back up 🙂

On a serious note.. when you can see it internally, with clarity , possibility kicks then anything is possible.

Finding Your Authentic Zone

For so many years I struggled with service point. What I mean by this is that when i started business I just served people with there requirements. I found out what they wanted in terms of a website and then built it for them. And this was the bases of my trasnations and growth. The reason it was successfull was because I provided a service which solved a problem but I did know know the art and science behind this. I thought it was just something you do lol. Only later when I started exploring other venutres and trying to make money in those and some brought in the money and some did not. This I suppose was the entreprenurial waking point. So many things in life we do just because we do them and then we have the realisation of why we do them, or how it really works. 

The next thing that happens was then seeing what my customers where up to. Which of them where succeeding and which where not and then really looking into why and how it was working vs the the ones that where not. And this was a real eye opener, a real truth about the focus and concentration of enegery on one specif activity. When you have you hands in many pies its really hard to enjoy the expericne, the energy is distributed amongst the different actvities and hence to some degree is diluted. This is somehting you should only be doing once you have one thing working and generating you the income you need. Trying to many things at once will tier you out. 

So wathing the cilents and seeing that the ones who commited 100% to the main point of their business where the ones that where succeding, the others… well… chuggin along.. 

This was interesting to see as it got me thinking into what it was that i was REALLY doing that was bringin in the money. Eveyrhting else was just a dirstration, testing, tirals , learnings but the key fosucs was the main thing bringing in the bucks. 

Becuase I had not found my authentic zone, the other things I tired did not work great. It’s only when I sarted the things that fit my mindset, my character, my way of doing things that really allowed me to serve the people I serve. 


And so we conclude our exploration of living life. Through our journey, we’ve delved into the joys and trials that shape us, the questions that provoke us, and the experiences that ultimately define us. We’ve realised that change, an unwavering truth of life, can be our ally if we choose to embrace it, leading us towards growth and self-discovery. And we’ve acknowledged the power of human connection, reminding us that our relationships are the heart of our existence.

Life, in all its unpredictability, is a gift. An adventure filled with learning, experiences, connections, changes, and so much more. It is this rich tapestry of experiences that makes life so vibrant, so filled with potential and opportunity.

Remember, each new sunrise is not merely the start of another day but a symbol of the endless possibilities life holds. Even in our darkest hours, the sun rises again, illuminating our path and reminding us that life goes on. So here’s to living life, in all its radiant complexity, in all its beautiful uncertainty.

So, go forth and live. Take with you the wisdom shared here, and don’t forget to carve out your unique journey. Let your experiences shape you, change guide you, and relationships nourish you. Life is happening now – embrace it, relish it, and above all, live it. Because, as we’ve seen, life isn’t just about existing, it’s about truly living.

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