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How To Influence Your Thinking is not has hard as it may seem. How Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions can Influence Your Connection And Rapport with David Key , how thoughts and feelings affect behavior

What is mind? What is consciousness? what is thought ?

How does the brain create and understand these things?

Does the brain transmit and receive random meaning based of our own preconceived notions or does it process the bombardment of data on the 5 senses into something truly meaningful?

Newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force… could this be true for thoughts, feelings and emotions too?

The ancients say that when we get out of our own way and go with feeling and flow, we bypass conditioning and become present to the moment….

A balance of perceptions perhaps?

They say In this state of equilibrium, Judgments fall away, illusions are shattered and all that is left is right now …a balanced perception and a cleaner connection with others.

Join me on this journey as we talk to a leading UK personal growth expert, life coach and 3 principles practitioner David key as he shares how your thoughts and feelings can influence your connection and rapport with others.

How to Influence Your Thinking

Everything you come into contact with, can influence you to some degree. I’ve heard Dr Dematini  many times quoting “you can’t put your hand into a glue pot without some of the glue sticking”. The subconscious mind acts like a sponge, it absorbs information and processes it in it’s own time. Sooner or later your conscious mind puts the pieces together which can lead to a eureka moment or greater understanding about a subject or topic.

In order to build muscle we have to train the body, in order to increase stamina we have to exercise. The same way in order to take charge of ones mind we have to train the mind to do so. One of the ways to do this is to be reading, listening, attending events that help you expand your mind and thinking. Meeting different people and doing different things all helps the mind expand.trans

The more  you understand how the mind works the more choices you end up with on how to deal with people and situations. Because if you train your mind to be alert and give you solutions then that’s what it will do. If you train it to play video games all the time, then the better you will become. The more you do something the better you become. And that applies  to the more arguments you choose to have the more you will come across. The more you choose to appreciate nature, the more it will stand out.

It was funny. The other day I was with a friend who told me about a situation that changed his thinking forever. (I’m going to make up some names to use, but the story is true.)

On one occasion My friend Jim and his good friend Dave, got introduced to Adam. Dave and Adam got on with each other well but Jim and Adam did not. They did not really like each other they hated each other.

Then one day, Dave phones Jim and invites him for a night out. Jim said Ok. Then Dave told Jim that Adam was also coming along. Jim’s reaction was “whys that prick coming too, hes an idiot”. Dave said “Nah man, Adam thinks you are a really cool guy. infact he was telling me how much he enjoyed your company”.

At this point Jim was baffled and amazed. His response  was “Really? I thought he hated me too?” Well any way Dave persuaded Jim to come along.

When Jim and Adam met up they greeted each other nicely and got on well. They all ended up having a great time.

At the end of the day they all rushed to leave, Jim and Adam did not have time to exchange numbers and parted way.

A few days  later Jim phones Dave and says “Hey buddy can you give me Adams number?” Dave says “why?”

Jim said “We had a good time , that Adam is a cool guy, but because we got rushed we could not exchange numbers”

Dave turned around and said “Actually I lied to you, Adam thinks you are a pick and always has thought that”…

Jim  “But I thought you said he thought I was cool, what do you mean??”

Dave .. “I said that to both of  you, I told him that you said he was cool and I told you that he said you was cool and as a result you guys got on with each other with out a problem”

Jim was dumbfound.  Jim could not belive this. But what amazed him was that he got influenced into thinking that Adam thought he was cool. And as a result they got on well.

How clever is that? Dave was smart. Jim admitted that Adam was cool and that it was his own ego that hated Adam. Once that ego was removed,  they chose to treat each other well.

Do you see how your own thoughts can become barriers to communication just because you think a certain way for some reason?? How powerful is that?

Dave defused the situation by telling them opposite things that made them treat each other well. Adm and Jim are good friends now because they saw how they just made up stuff about each other in their own minds.

Think about that for a moment.

What can influence your thinking??

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