How To Grow Wings

The truth ts people only grow wings when they truly want to fly. I’m speaking metaphorically that is, but lets take a look at this.

In the animal kingdom a bird will push you out of a nest, you either learn to fly on the way down or you die. For humans it does not have to be that extreme, but then again depending on what you want out of life or where you are it may have to be.

Napoleon hill said whatever the mind can conceive, and believe it can achieve. It’s very important to look at the sequence of this quote “Conceive”, “Believe”, “Achieve”. The idea has to first be born, i.e. conceived in the brain first, then if you believe it and see, hear and feel it happening then you can achieve it (with action). So until the idea is actually believed the formula won’t necessarily work. As believing is the bridge between the formation of the idea and actually doing it.

In life too often until we believe we can do it the chances are that we won’t. Even at a subconscious level if there is any doubt then it won’t happen due to subconscious sabotage. People say they can and will but unless the belief is there, unless the reason for them is there, unless they can see, hear and feel it, the chances are they won’t do it with the speed and ease they would like it. If the vision of what they want to achieve is cloudy then the action will also be cloudy, until it is seen with clarity only then does mind body and soul align.

It may take years for the idea to bloom or it might take 10 seconds where the goal, vision to align and something finally triggers where the belief of possibility kicks in and you work on making it happen.

If there are things in life that are not manifesting or not happening then pause for a moment to truly reflect on the situation and dig deep , reconnect with your heart and feel and ask the question what is really going on here?… and if you are honest with your self there is no way for you not to realise or feel what is going on. Maybe at some level you don’t quite believe it’s possible yet?

The human brain is amazing and most often it works in images with greater power, i.e. when you can see (Visualise) yourself doing, achieving xyz first then the belief is strengthened and it’s at this point we attempt to even try to do it. When we can see a way of doing what the original conception thought was, we are compelled to take action… because we can see how to do it now.

Thoughts and ideas pop into and out of the brain all the time when we start seeking a solution to a problem. We ask our selfs how can I do this?  … with a little thought and action we can progress.

Sometimes inner dialogue can also kick in which can create disbelief, if we listen to this voice inside our heads and it’s lauder then the other voices then this too can be overwhelming and we may not progress. But when the inner voice is encouraging because it’s just understood and aligned itself with how something could be done, then the belief element kicks in again.

When we discover how to do it, or when we have an inkling of how to do it we can progress. But the greater the belief the more action one will take.

If you say dear Google, what is “believe”? it will tell you

  • accept that (something) is true, especially without proof
  • hold (something) as an opinion; think.

Now the topic of belief is far greater then this post to cover, but you can see how belief is a massive driver to get things done. Sitting down in meditation or a trance state and visualising the topic, problem, idea and working though as much details as you can, seeing it happen in your brain first will enforce the belief to carry it out in real life if you ALSO take action towards it, big or small.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ― Napoleon Hill

So in order to grow wings believe you can and fly as high as you can if you catch my drift or take a leap of faith and learn on the way down lol. Just make sure you have a parachute as back up 🙂

On a serious note.. when you can see it internally, with clarity , possibility kicks then anything is possible.

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