How to Display Your Videos

One of the potential turn offs from using videos on your website is not knowing how to display them. While you may see some marketers using fancy video playing tools this is not absolutely necessary.

The easiest way to get a video onto your website or blog is my using the Embed commands from YouTube or wherever your video is uploaded to.

These commands allow you to specify the size of your video and if you want to have it auto play or not. Most people do not like auto play videos, so we recommend not using this feature.

When you are in YouTube click the Share feature and then click on the embed tab. This tab will display the actual video on your site. If you just click share then only a link will display.

Here’s what an embed link looks like:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

When adding it to your WordPress site click the text tab and then save or update your post. This will ensure that your video will display on your site.

The benefit to using a video player is that it often looks more professional and they allow you to add more customizations if necessary. This is perfect for videos that are not uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, but are stored on your own server, or delivered using a service such as Amazon S3.

This does provide you with control over your videos. If you were to lose your account at YouTube all of your videos would be lost. This does happen so eventually having your own video player is something that you might want to have at some point.

For anyone just starting out uploading your videos to YouTube is perfectly adequate.  You may just want to save a copy to your own computer for backup.

Thumbnails on videos are the small picture that is displayed next to your video. It is the first image that a person sees. You can choose which thumbnail you wish to use to promote your video or you can upload a custom one.

Try to incorporate branding into your videos and making use of thumbnails is a great way to do this. Select an image that has some form of business branding to it and then use this on all of your videos.

Now that you know how to display a video on your website there is nothing to stop you from getting started. Using a few videos can really give your business a huge boost.

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