How To Create an Interview Product

Production creation is something which many people struggle with when starting an online business. Getting the information to actually put into a product can be difficult, as can be finding the time to write or produce it.

A great way of creating a quality product quickly however is to do an interview with an expert in your niche and then package it up as a product…

The benefits of doing this are massive. Providing you find the right person to interview you should be getting access to an instant pool of knowledge which can go into your product.

The first step is to find your interviewee. This is not as difficult as it sounds either because they get tons of free exposure and the chance to sell themselves, meaning that many people will jump at the chance to be interviewed! Approach people in your niche and ask them. You can find them in the usual places like blogs, forums, etc.

The next thing to decide is what format you want to conduct the interview in:

You could firstly do an email interview. You simply email over your questions and let the other person respond in paragraphs, and then put the interview responses into a report or ebook. This is something I’ve done quite successfully in the past.

The other option is to do a ‘live’ interview and then record it. This could be done over Skype or telephone for example. Of course this has the advantage in that you can create two products out of the interview – the audio recording, and the transcript of the audio recording. If you choose this option it’s always best to pre-plan and have a guide in front of you so as you know what you’re going to talk about in the interview. You also need to let the other person know what you want to talk about in advance so that they can do a bit of pre-planning for the interview too.

Thinking of questions or topics to discuss:

This is easy – just think about what people in your niche want to know. If you don’t know what’s hot then just take a look at forums, blogs, or websites in your niche. For example, people in the internet marketing niche might want to know how he/she would build a list, or how they got started with an online business. Ask questions about the hot topics in your niche and you won’t go far wrong with your interview.

However you decide to do it, creating an interview product is one of the easiest ways of creating a product, and it’s also one of the best because you should end up with a product that is genuinely of high quality.

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