How To Build Rapport With Your Target Market | Mac Attram

Master Series Interview – How To Build Rapport

Podcast interview with Mac Attram

HOW TO #BUILD #RAPPORT WITH YOUR #TARGETMARKET by going into the world of your #prospects #mind As simple as it sounds, novelist Lucy Montgomery, wasn’t wrong when she wrote in her book a line which read “How are you going to find out about things if you don’t ask questions?”

If you ask the right kind of questions you can #diagnose how you might be able to genuinely #help and assist in one’s #business or #life. The right questions can help you unlock and break down barriers so we can connect and understand others or the problem that needs solving. – office interaction or teacher and kids

Our brain is like a virtual world with its own set of #beliefs, #experiences and understanding. Its constructs get built over time with all the interactions we have. It’s’ only when we understand what might be going on in another mind can we truly become #present and then come from a space of #service to help and assist with a resolve.

Join me on this journey as we talk to international #speaker, #BusinessCoach and #bestsellingauthor Mac Attram as he shares HOW TO BUILD RAPPORT WITH YOUR TARGET MARKET by taking the time to go into the world of your prospects mind and make meaningful connections.

In this video we cover:

  • What is Rapport
  • Learn about other peoples world
  • Showing interest in others – be interested in them so they get to know you
  • Ask the right kind of questions
  • Go into there world, ask them lots of questions
  • Hear, verify, listen – Being present
  • Your business model – Market place doesn’t know you
  • Tell me what you do – show how can you help them?
  • Audits/ diagnostics – check what’s happening in there business
  • Image match – is it the same as me
  • Talk to the one – mind set
  • Fake social proof is not good for longevity
  • Become Trusted source expert
  • Increase your chances of connection
  • Greed and manipulation, low self esteem and fear – emotions – Body language, look
  • Personality types – Consistency, congruence, break the flow you break rapport
  • Trust = easier sale – Inspire, educate, empower, joy courage, passion and purpose

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