4 Simple Steps On How To Be Present

This podcast (How to be present) is not your typical goal-setting conversation but something way deeper. I share how you can be present so to create discipline to work on what needs to be done. Keep an open mind to the possibility and take from it what is useful. In some places, it’s almost hypnotic.

In this morning meditative walk. I share

  • How you can get present to the moment
  • Still your mind and look at things objectively to set better goals and be creative
  • I also go deep and share some thoughts on spirituality and the cosmos. 

When the dust settles and you manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions you are in a much better and clear state of mind to set realistic achievable goals.

The Podcast – Morning Walk – How To Be Present

General Notes on How To Be Present

If you’re constantly feeling like you didn’t hear what the person right in front of you said, or that your conversations are riddled with “uhs,” maybe it’s time to learn how to be more present. Below are four ways on how to be present in order to become a better communicator, a sounder decision-maker, a more creative problem solver and one who is capable of setting achievable goals by fully understanding the current situation.

Mindfulness is having the ability to pause and reflect on ourselves, our surroundings and what happens in our lives. It’s simple but not always easy to practice. In fact, being present is a habit we have to form. We need to make it a priority, get curious about it, then work out what works for us and which methods suit our mindset. This is because many people can be present without being mindful, which could otherwise be an impediment to creativity or goal-setting if left unchecked.

The question of how to be present is one that has been asked for a long time now. The answer for most people is mindfulness and a balanced state of mind. This means focusing on the present moment and acting in ways that have a positive impact on the future. To sum up, it’s about being aware of what you’re doing while you do it so as not to make mistakes or miss opportunities.

In order to truly achieve goals we often need to bring ourselves into the present moment. We all know what it is like to be so caught up inside our own heads that the present moment is lost. This is detrimental when attempting to create something new, or do anything creative because you will not fully be there. Also, based on studies, being in the present moment increases mindfulness, creativity and your ability to set achievable goals- we should all have some of this I say! Wondering how you can become present? Listen to my podcast above.

how to be present
4 Simple Steps On How To Be Present 1

Be Mindful

It’s easy to let our thoughts wander from topic to topic, or task to task. It’s a precursor to multitasking, which can feel like a badge of honour in today’s world. But this approach can leave you feeling scattered — and even regretful for not giving your full attention to what was most important at that moment.

Be Creative

Give 100% of your focus to the task at hand, whether it’s a conversation with someone or finishing a project for work. If your mind starts wandering, take a deep breath and refocus on what’s in front of you. This will help you give your best effort in each situation and feel good about how you spent your time.

Set Specific, Achievable Goals

Be specific. You can’t achieve what you can’t define. Avoid vague goal statements such as “I want to accomplish more” or “I want to be more productive.” Instead, try “I will be 30 minutes early for work each day this week” or “I will prepare lunch at home every day this week.”

Prioritize your tasks.

  • Which goal is the most important to you?
  • Which task within that goal is the most pressing?
  • How much time do you have available in your schedule to devote to each of these different activities?

You may not have enough time to complete everything you want to do right now, so it’s important to figure out which tasks are the most important and complete them first.

Give Yourself Time to Think

Another way on how to be present means you need to give yourself time to think. When trying something new, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of learning and doing, and forget to stop along the way and reflect on what you’ve done up until that point. By taking the time to reflect and review your thoughts, you can become mindful of what it is you are actually doing and make any necessary changes before it’s too late.


In order to set goals, you have to be able to think about them. You have to have a vision in your mind of what it is that you want. If this sounds like a paradox, then you may need to work on developing the right attitude towards your goals. If you commit yourself to the process and give all that you can, and if you believe that you can achieve something, then success will follow. Being present allows you to have better control over your monkey mind. It allows you to stop and reprogram your Neck Top Biocomputer. The new program can help you do better where ever you choose. At least, that’s what I believe.

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