How much do you believe in other peoples stories?

Isn’t everything we are told a story or a representation of the story tellers point of view, perception and own interpretation based around their model of the world and life’ experiences?

Interesting right?

And when we hear a story our own filters kick in and we have to make sense of what is being said to us. Our own brains then try to make sense based on our own model of the world and life experiences.

So does that mean we are just making it up as we go along the best way we can with the information we have inside our brains?

And if so then what would you want to make up for your life and own truths? Where does it stop and start? And what information would you choose to allow to enter into your brain?

It’s endless in nature but our brains have to make sense of it in some way, so we end up creating our own boundaries just for the sake of making sense and meaning. It does’ not mean we totally get what the other person is saying, but we could be close to understanding. But when a story is told we begin to see, imagine and make sense, we learn better with stories, we understand and perceive the world better, and get more depth of what is being said or what needs to be understood.

If the story teller is good then the message can be great, very powerful and inspiring, if the story teller is not so great then can leave people in a state of annoyance, lack of understand, confused and not inspired. Just like watching a good movie or a bad movie.

A simple reframe on a topic could change ones perspective and life forever, and getting too many perspectives can leave one confused and jared…

…at some point you have to do your own thinking and take action accordingly and that’s when you allow your self to be empowered to think for your self and self actualise and honestly express one self the best way you can.

Therefor take into consideration your story, the story of your life, your business and then note how its being told and what message it’s sending out into the world. If that story is not good and the message is not great… then do your own thinking and see how you can make it better, or reframe it to get the message across.. what’s your story?

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