Health Care and Technology


In this episode, I chat to Steven Kainth who is an innovation strategist, futurist and curious human being. 

Steven is #passionate about #technology and #digital #media and has spent the last 20 years working with some of the worlds biggest brands and agencies on advertising, digital media and product marketing campaigns. His work has focused on inspiring teams with first-hand insights on the consumer electronics, digital health and #luxury sectors where he’s lead data-driven creative design strategy.

He is also the editor and founder of Elluminate Digital Magazine ( which is read by students and teachers, all the way to Fortune/FTSE 100 companies. 

His ultimate goal with the #magazine is to provide a free #educational #resource for children and young people in the developing world, helping them to understand #innovations from developed nations and inspiring them to create and design better lives for themselves. 

This is a fascinating conversation where we talk about:

  • How The future of working at home – it’s here right now
  • Global tech scene / global economy   
  • How health care sector is becoming more attractive by partnering with the likes of Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook
  • What happens with the data? the ethical question, as it’s not regulated – The role of hardware and software in health-related services 
  • How tomorrow everybody will want to be a health care company 
  • We talk about Culture and lifestyle vs one vertical 
  • The 70-20-10 strategy  
  • We talk about Escape velocity
  • He shares strategies/questions you can ask to think differently and come up with new innovation- The future of communities and what that might look like    
  • The transition from an experience economy to the transformational economy 

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